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Spring Cleaning an Opportunity to Get Rid of Unhealthy Behaviors, Too!

Here is a list of a few things or behaviors that you can get rid of during your 2012 spring cleaning:

Diets,Lack of daily exercise, Lack of sleep, Negative attitude, Skipping breakfast, Sugary beverages, Supersized meals, Unhealthy snacking
It time to focus on behaviors such as a healthy lifestyle changes:

Perfect your posture. Try solving a problem while slouching versus sitting upright and see how it impacts your mental clarity. Now sit up straight.

Use trapped downtime. Plan ahead with an MP3 or iPod loaded with a good book or advice from a personal-development expert for when you’re stuck in traffic, in line or in a waiting room.

Plan healthy meals.  Eating healthy meals is an important part of staying healthy. If you plan ahead, making healthy meals will be much easier. Help your family (and yourself) stay healthy with good meal planning.

Tell a good story. Sharing experiences in a compelling and fun way sharpens your mental recall.

Mix up your routine. Take a different route to work, or eat your salad after the main course. Changing your typical way of doing things tells your brain to wake up and pay attention.

Write. Writing notes, poetry, stories or in a journal helps your memory, clarifies your thinking and engages your creativity.

Work on your intuition. Every time you follow through on a hunch or listen to your inner dialogue, you are working your intuitive muscle.

Walk. The rhythmic pace of walking gets you breathing and limbered up, creating a physical and mental state conducive for clear thinking.

Laugh. Endorphins released when you laugh lower your stress and can help your long-term health. Ever notice you feel better after a big laugh?

Positive attitude.  Positive attitude helps to cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking. If you adopt it as a way of life, it will bring constructive changes into your life, and makes them happier, brighter and more successful.

My suggestion is for you to find a box. Throw out those “bad behaviors”!

Sister MaeHappy Cleaning!


What kind of leader are you – A dream catcher or a rain catcher?

Leadership is the key to any business and personal success.

There are books after books on the subject and I am privileged to have read a few, and more importantly learned from  those learned tomes, and the experience provided by life!

In my conversations those who know my edgy sophistication ( a label given to me by.. Susan Kang Nam ‏ @PinkOliveFamily) also know me  both as a story teller and someone who likes to get rid of “jargon”.

So following a conversation recently about relationships in general and then relationships in particular it struck me that like life, there are sunny days and rainy days and there are those who influence  us have those days.

The Sunny Day leader – Directional Leadership believes in………YOU!         Image                                                                                  

Enthuses; Imagines and believes  that it can be achieved; Believes in you and what you can do; Sees rainy days as a path to sunny days to rainbow days.

Believes and lives in truth and transparency and that the path we walk takes us to our dreams, our visions and a growth in inner self.

Is grounded yet soars; has no ego and knows that flying only happens with a community that is at “one.”

Understands that in order for us to lead others, we must first be leaders within.

The Rainy Day Leader – Non Directional Leadership] believes in ” rain on your parade!”
Thinks  that you are a……………

Creation by HRMexplorer, inspired by everyday conversations

Thanks to shutterstock for pictures that inspire imagination


Let go of that Baggage!

Picture this, one that we all have seen.

A Lady is patiently sitting on a bench waiting at the bus stop. Her name is Mary.

She has been waiting for the bus for a while.

A passerby asks Mary “How often does the bus go by?”

Mary says “Every 10 minutes”.

I ask because I noticed that you have been sitting here for a long time.

“Why are you still here?”

Mary looks up, sighs wearily, and points to a sign, that says, “ NO carry on allowed”.

The problem, Mary sighs, “Is that I have all this baggage with me.”

The passerby asks, “What is in your baggage that you cannot leave behind?”

I have all these memories and thoughts that I cannot let go off; my ex, my past jobs, the house I lost in foreclosure, thoughts of friends who deserted me when I had no job; bad relationships, lost confidence.

The passerby reflects and says to Mary “But those are all in your past the bus takes you forward you need to leave that baggage behind.”

Mary sighs heavily and says “But it’s hard to let go of the past!”

We can all relate and feel Mary’s pain. We all have baggage.

It’s what we do with that baggage that reflects on who we are and how we move forward and the life we will live.

We need to have faith and let go of the fear. We need to find new faiths, relationships and friendships.

We need to leave the baggage behind that keeps us from moving forward

Hold your faith Let go of your baggage, leave it behind, let it go.

Get on the bus and move into your future

Original idea from Sister Mae I


People Change – Values Remain

It never fails to bemuse me when some folk simply want to change things!

Don’t get me wrong I am all for change! Perhaps too much so on occasion!

BUT let’s be clever about it.

Some folks spend much of their time wanting the organization to fit their desires and needs. That simply will not work!

That’s not change that’s simply looking through the wrong lens.

There have been very few organizations that decide their very essence; their culture needs an overhaul.

So for those of you who spend your time fighting the “system”. I say to you. You screwed up!!! Get out because you add no value!

It was at the interview. That is when you should have figured out whether you want to work there, don’t use your energy and more important those around you to figure out that everybody else is wrong!

Understand the difference between stretching the organizational box, which is a good thing, and wanting to play outside the box and stay there. That simply means, “get out when you can, or you will get fired!” And it will be the right thing for everybody.


Business needs people who know the difference between change that creates a better environment for the success of everyone in the business and change for personal reasons.



Gesundheit - Rezepte - Reisen


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