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Choosing that book to read is like being picked for that job! – “Remember me all of your life!”

I hear lots of talk from people about their brand, having value propositions in their resumes, having elevator speeches for the right moment and so on.

Hmm… Lots of words, people think they know what they mean but does their audience understand or hear the same message?

Now I know you have been there, we all have. Funny thing is it’s fundamental to our developing relationships.

I mean who are we? When all is said and done what are we selling? Many of us find it difficult speaking about ourselves at job interviews, “blowing our trumpet” is not so easy for some.

So you want to brand yourself or even reinvent yourself?  Especially if you are in the job market!

Do you know what you want or can do and even if you do ….can you really say it in as few a words as possible?

The fact is YOU should care, because it matters. You represent yourself; no one should be able to do it better. Or perhaps we do need help!

These are great questions not only for what you want to be known for but also for what you can do.

Lets look at how these organizations want to be remembered?

Does a Florist sell flowers or deliver memories?


Does a Realtor sell houses or create home ships?


Does a car dealer sell cars or do they provide that everlasting thought about that first car!!…  Stop it!


Lets get on with this blog…

Oh Yes that famous elevator speech!!  Huh, Not sure that many of us meet their next boss in the right elevator; too many of us go hide in any available corner and look down at our feet rather than at anyone else. You might sometimes get a mumbling  “gudmorninggg” … you know how it goes.

However you do need to know what you can do and tell your story, but its not War and Peace. Zzzzzzzzz   “ding” your potential boss just got off the elevator, or your email tome just got clicked into ‘trash”.

So it made me think how do we go about choosing that next book to read?

Like candidates looking for jobs, all lined up like at the library or bookstore, end on end. How do we choose? They all look the same!

Every book or applicant, yelling out pick me pick me!!!!! I am what you want to read. Honest I am exciting, and you will remember me all of your life, I will change your world! I will make a difference.

Some thoughts that can help:

  1. Know who you are and what you stand for.
  2. Make yourself readable, desirable.
  3. Know what you can do and back it up.
  4. Tell a story-your story and make it interesting

Get advice:

Know that you probably need help for that makeover – after all no book is ever published without being edited, just ask any author.

Go to someone who you trust and get them to help you with your story.

Then go to someone you don’t know as well and see what they think?

When you ask them will they say you are:

Exciting; Same old same old; or WOW I never knew that about you and I want to know more!!! Hey I need some help and I think that you…. Well you know the rest….

Remember that we build relationships for each other and not simply for “the me” in life!

Now where was that book that was recommended to me?

If you found this article interesting please comment.

Should some of you like fun and at the same time get help with “your story” drop me a line at my email address I am delighted to be working with my “good friend in twitter” Katherine Moody aka @justathought99: on this exciting project and we are looking for a few interested volunteers. We will have fun too!

Katherine has many talents and is a specialist in how to get into the hidden job market!

Watch out for more on this subject…. soon



Why does a hospital have a waiting room?

This question is so important when it comes to Hospitals. Here is why?

It’s affects patient loyalty. Hospitals measure their success through patient loyalty!

After all, no customers no revenue stream! No future patients no future business. One less Hospital.

Hospitals are concerned about their sources of revenue. E.g. payer mix, funding sources, length of stay, number of patient visits, number of infections, patients falls, number of surgeries, number of visits and so on. Expenses are the other part of the equation.

So why would a hospital expend time and energy and resources in having waiting rooms…when they don’t need to. They simply have to work it out!

I am focusing, in this blog, on elective visits’, those that have been scheduled! Although work can be done and has been done on reducing OR and ER wait times too.

Coming from the manufacturing world and entering the passion and intensity of health care the challenge to me was  “ we don’t treat people like widgets here” My challenge back was “Yes we do if we let them sit and wait alone and without customer attention. “

Patients don’t come to hospitals to sit and read a magazine in the wait room or watch a TV with no sound on; anyway it’s always the wrong channel.

To me a waiting room is akin to a warehouse! Manufacturers today, have little if anything in the way of warehouses! Why? They figured it out a long time ago. Doesn’t bring in money!  People don’t pay for what they see as not adding to their experience.

A cost without a return on investment, and worse still not customer/patient attention takes away from the experience.

In any event a waiting room is an expensive storage place!

Lets face it, when you have a waiting room you have to have someone clean it, stock it with coffee, cookies, kit it out with furniture, get those magazines, put in flat screen TV’s. , Flowers etc. You get the picture!

Many hospitals are spending lots of money on “making their wait rooms look like hotel foyers! Now I admit it does contribute to the “aesthetic experience” – not like a hospital!” However… the waiting room?

Wow! Is this money not better spent on treating the patients? Would eliminating the need for waiting areas not reduce costs and overheads?

Lets spend time thinking of improving the REAL experience of the patient!

Focusing on scheduling and process flows (taken from Toyota Manufacturing principles) is the way to go. It can be done and has been done! The ability to look outside of your known comfort zone and seek out what other industries and professions do is fundamental and we need to do it! MORE!

Health Care is all about taking care of patients and their families, (mind, body and spirit). So why let someone wait at your hospital. and ignore them when the probably need reassurance.

I have noted that those that come into the hospital for their elective visits don’t want to wait.

They have a job to go back to, a baby sitter they are paying, they are scared about outcomes, they are afraid of what it costs them, and then on too many an occasion they are left waiting with nobody even saying or asking: How are you? Thanks for coming to our hospital, is there anything I can do for you while…

So lets remember:

  1. Patient Loyalty is Number One, because with this comes the crucial question all Hospitals want to see high scores on “likelihood to recommend!!!”
  2. Most patient satisfaction surveys score lower when there are wait times (which always seem longer when no-one is paying attention to you!)
  3. People come to hospitals in many instances because they have to, not because they want to. (So waiting does not add to a great experience)
  4. Ask the patient! Would they rather have a nice waiting room, or reduced costs and go home earlier, or be seen on time?
  5. Supreme Customer Satisfaction always starts by treating your customer/patient like they want to be treated. (Reverse the Golden Rule- it was never right in the first place)
  6. There is much to be learned from that which happens outside of healthcare.
  7. So get a group of patients and a few others together in a customer relation’s improvement team to work on what the future state experience should look like.

After all we are all customers to someone so lets take care of me!

In the end I will come back and I will tell others to use your hospital, many times over when I have had a great experience. The opposite is also true too when I have a bad experience but we don’t want to go there do we?


April 22nd 2010


A Community “Developing a oneness and a calmness”

It seems that much of what we do, is related to who we know, what we learned, our interests, who our mentors were along the way, the trials and tribulations, our loves, they are all some how related and develop who we are.

After all the life we lead is the life we make.

The friendships we have experienced lead us to develop awareness and learning they also breathe life into how we go about doing what we do.

I am always sad when I hear people say that they leave their personality behind when they go to work. Alas it seems that is life. What is character when we have to have two masks?

I look at life as a community, being authentic and mindful of others needs is what we do, or should do, it defines us.

As I look at the new “decade” I look to sharing knowledge, paying forward and simply serving. A pretty old concept but not one that is followed much

After all life is not about us, its about what we do, who we are – character

So, often when I reflect and ask, when I am long gone, how will I be remembered? Who will be there to cry at my side when I leave this world?

Sobering thought maybe, but a great way to ground what we do and, make us think of what really matters in our lives.

True contentment can only be achieved when heart, mind body and soul join together.

So looking forward it’s a life of serving others and helping them reach their greatest heights.

We all have gifts to give, it is a lesser world should we not share them. It’s a lesser world when we don’t cherish those that are dearest to us.

It’s a lesser world when we simply don’t give of ourselves to the fullest.


Where have all the values gone?

Idea adapted by HRMexplorer from where have all the flowers gone – words and music by Pete Seeger


I was mulling this thought over recently as I overheard a couple of friends talking about what was happening to them and their friends in the factory in which they worked, they were simply disillusioned, they had lost their jobs and their boss had gone on vacation!

I got to thinking that in a world where people need people more than at any time in history I started wondering how are we connecting, I mean really connecting with each other in the communities in which we live, play and work?


Seems like there is a problem going on when I see values floating by those that need to feel them!

Where have all the values gone, I mean would you really work for the CEOs who fly in on their Jets and then say, the factory’s got to go its costing us too much, but when quizzed they say their bonus is contractual.

Or would you rather work for the boss who goes undercover and cries with you and admits that they need to do more, and rallies everyone and proclaims together we will create something special. Together we will create the American Dream.

Where have all the Values gone seem like everyone picks them everyone, because it’s the right thing to say and do? And then chooses when and how to use them. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn? ……..

That the shadow they cast is not special when it changes from halo to horrible from magical to mean. And that the shadow they cast melts into meaninglessness when it flutters in the wind and disappears like sand in the wind.

Where have all the values gone and when did we stop asking others what is important to them and caring and supporting them when we know.

Values without meaning have no character at all. Values without consistency simply does not get it!

So lets create the values-revolution! The charter that we must all adhere to:

  1. Get connected and stay connected with those around you- it makes a difference

(Michael Stallard)

  1. Support each other in three ways
    1. Relationships with others (engagement care)
    2. Relationships with your family (family care)
    3. Relationship with yourself (self care)

It’s all about relationships it always was after all relationships without values is like afternoon tea without lemon!

And remember to treat others how they want to be treated and that character is built through reversing the golden rule, not treating people how you want to be treated

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