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There is nothing ordinary about you.

greatness-road-sign1-450x299Every Sunday morning my wife Doreen and I sit down and reflect on the week just passed and the week ahead.

We also take time to reflect on people and the events that are happening around us.

It has become clear to us that there is much about people that is really really great. We live in a community where giving and paying forward has become habitual.

The thing about this is the need for balance. We remind ourselves we cannot always ask the same people to continue to give.

Then there are those who always want to put labels on anything they don’t agree with.

They are the ones who always have a great deal to say yet never engage in the real work of volunteering, or positively working things through.

They talk without the walk.

They say they will and they don’t

They talk about what they don’t agree with or label everything with negativity, “it’s not possible, it will not happen, or it’s some one else’s problem.”

“Or you’re not smart enough or your too fat or you don’t get it, or you are not one of us.”

Remember that you are who defines the extraordinary and greatness in your self not others.

It is always a stark reminder that there are many famous people who did not let the early negative labels define them. They went on to greatness and extraordinary, some even changed the world.

Be a life and game changer. No one was ever born ordinary.

Greatness and extraordinary is in every one of us.

The best in us know that. The best in us know that no one is ordinary.

The best in us know all we need to do is look for the greatness in people and we will find it.

Greatness lies ahead; Extraordinary lies in all of us.

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Stay on the Path – Keep your Joy.

happiness-wordleThere are so many people we come across every day, whether at work or when doing our mall shopping that simply look at life through “glowering glasses.”

It happened to my wife and me last weekend. The Manager at the Jewelers shop from the moment we arrived looked as though she had the singular task to make customers unhappy. And you know what?  She succeeded and what’s more she makes all her co-workers unhappy. They told us!

As Joel Osteen says “don’t let other people take your joy away.”

Too many people want to do that and when you think of what that does to you just pause and remind yourself, when that happens you feel you are lesser for it and will often be upset with yourself for the rest of the day.

We were given the gift of a brain and the ability to make choices.

Each day we have the choice to be happy or to be sad, to have faith in what happens or be scared. To be positive with others no matter what happens.

The choices we make define who we are and how others see us.

We as humans attract other similar minded people.

Which group do we want to be “branded” with?

We have the choice to be known alongside positive minded people and be known for what we can do rather than we cannot do. – Picture Courtesy of:


Is HR still really full of Crap?

It seems there is an article every day about “HR won’t get a seat at the table. blah blah blah!!”

I wonder what those writers are on!

I have written my own blogs about “HR doesn’t get it” but I feel I can legitimately say that having been in the profession and seen the kind of people the profession continues to attract. However I also know many more who come into HR do a great job in spite of the naysayers!!

Don’t generalize makes you look stupid!

There is little doubt that the perception of what HR was (and is?) continues, “to dog” those of us who “get” what we need to do for a business.

I for one never wanted to be at any table. Mostly because there is too much damn talking and not enough decisions made and actions taken.

I always wanted to build a successful and thriving business. So happens I made the connection that unless we are a “one man band business ” there is no way I could achieve that without having lots of superb people who want to be there and give their hearts minds and soul.

Oh by the way…I have also consulted with the sole trader. They need people too!!

Perhaps the perception still lives on because many in the HR profession are not:

Creative; or have little if any business sense; don’t understand a P&L from a Balance sheet; not strategic blah blah.

Well I have found there are many folks in other profession who lack these fundamentals. Some run the corporation!!

What I do know is that whatever profession you are in, you’re in business to add value so you better know what the fundamentals are.

It is not about legal constraints or economic or technological constraints’. Every business has those to face.

It is those of us who have a clear idea about strategic positioning (not planning) that will create a business that will beat the crap out of our competitors.

We are in business to achieve our mission but remember there is no mission without margin!

Business is pretty simple as a wise production manger once said to me. “Peter you need to concentrate on only two things revenue and expenses!” Simple may be but work it out!

So lay off HR and let me ask you what did you ever do to create wealth and economic growth for your business and community.

I for one know what that is like and oh by the way I am in HR…never did it from sitting behind any table either! And I get offended by those who throw out blanket statements about my profession. Go figure out something useful to write about, build a company never lay anyone off, build a brand new state of the art automotive factory and more. I did all of those now what were you saying?



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