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Be who you are and fulfill that life. Resolutions for 2013

Too many people have dreams about what other people have or what others can do.

We all have many disappointments in life and get to a place where we would rather not be.

There are many options in our lives and we can easily lose our passion to take the options that we know we must.

Looking forward to 2013 let’s make some resolutions for us.

  1. We will take care of ourselves in body, mind and spirit.
  2. We will Massage our hearts and tell ourselves we can overcome our obstacles and not sit on the sidelines.
  3. We will become the person that we can be.
  4. We will get back our first love, in ourselves and then help others.

Blog idea created while listening to Joel Osteen


Life Advice: Thoughts and Resolutions for 2013!

holiday 2013Good or bad, every experience is a learning opportunity.

Work hard, be committed, be resourceful, do your research, and exercise patience.

Get a good education, pay attention to the details; think through a situation and visualize to the end so you can be prepared to change course as needed.

Be honest, responsible and have a good work ethic.

Think about others’ perceptions, not just your own in all situations.

Learn to take the good with the bad!

Possess self-discipline, and generosity, and never miss an opportunity to learn.  You can always learn!

Make goals, volunteer, and never give up.

Learn to balance home, family, friends and work.  

Always ask for more that you can do, and be grateful for less.

Think big, but be happy for the little things.

“Life is a stage”, and you are dressed for the rehearsal, now you must add your energy, passion, knowledge and courage to be successful.

If ever a door closes another door is available to you that will open.

As long as you are doing good things along the way, and have the courage to open doors, you will be successful.

Live and walk by faith! 

dlanc and HRMexplorer 2012

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We make our own Mayan Calendar

mayanAs we reflect on 2012 and move to 2013 lets resolve to do a few things differently  to improve our world!

As we leave 2012 behind some of the things of late on our minds have included:

The tragic massacre of human beings in Newtown Ct.

The end of the world.

Concern over the fiscal cliff.

Looking at new ways not to give employee benefits under Obama care.

Rationalizing all the bad things and figuring out how to compromise their discontinuation.

What does this tell us about who we have become as a society?

Why have we become so acclimatized to acceptance?

Lets start to do what we know we must.

Lets build a better environment and stop compromising because in the words of

Henry Ford (1863-1947), “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Lets make 2013 a year when we build a better world for our children, families and those who we have yet to meet.

Lets start making the changes we know we must.

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A Spirit of excellence

the-spirit-of-excellenceListening to early morning Sunday TV I was idly flicking through the channels and came across Joel Osteen.

His message to his followers was have a “spirit of excellence” and not making do.

I found it to be compelling and my mind went out to the many occasions we meet with others in our daily family and work lives. Those occasions when we often simply “make do.”

His message was clear; you don’t have to be rich or fancy to have that “spirit.”

*      You don’t have too be the best to take care of things well.

*      You don’t need to be exceptional to be excellent.

*      Take care of yourself, be clean and spotless, your clothes your home.

*      Be first class in your own life, it tells people much about you.

*      Represent yourself well. Don’t be late, be punctual, and be respectful.

*      Always keep up excellent standards in all that you do.

*      Be an excellent worker, human being, and a person for others.

*      Stand out in the crowd; great lawns and gardens are part of who you are.

*      Don’t be sloppy in how you look and what you do.

*      Achieve a higher level of excellence through how we present ourselves.

*      Make sure you present yourself the way you are proud of.

Do the right things because they are the right things to do. Even when no one is watching.

Don’t let something small get in the way of something big coming along.

People watch you even when you do not see them.


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Take no credit take no blame

NO-blameWe encourage people to give of their very best.

It means that we want people to take the initiative to make changes.

It takes courage to do that. They are often alone, isolated from the rest.

It does not always work out, it does not mean they should stop.

The character we face within is not to blame ourselves when it did not work out.

The character we face within is not to take credit when it did work out.

The character we are is to know we make a difference.

 HRMexplorer and Sister Mae I

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