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The 4 stages of leadership – The platform to sustained transition









I like to identify with people.  For they are life.

When I originally drafted my 4 stages of leadership in 2012 I was working at a Drug Rehabilitation Center in Upper New York in my Human Resources Operational role.

Those 12 months changed my life.

That’s where I found real leadership change. Not from the obvious sources. Not from books but from seeing human souls change, and that’s a wonderful and ever lasting experience.

It came from those who needed to change, for them there was no where else to go, for them to change who they were, what they had becomes was the only way for a future.

Leadership comes from within but it is more than that it comes because somewhere along the way often there are people who can help you “see the new path”. The strength in you is to embrace it.

Internal fortitude is realized and sustained when there is an awakening of the soul that we all need help in our lives.

And the quality of the life we create is about the relationships we build the memories we make, the laughter the tears and hugs and the friendships.

For many who follow the “12 steps” there has to be a burning desire to become someone else, a better self. I found that the 12 steps are a source of thoughtful reading that we could all do well to read.

After all we are all in need of some “rehabilitation”.

I found that the road to recovery questions the very essence, the very being of a human soul.

I also found and admired the counsellors who became mentors and the support system and the role that they took in changing lives.

I found the path to REAL LEADERSHIP is no different for any of us.

I dedicate this posting to all the souls who have travelled down the path of recovery and come out the other side for they learned that leadership comes from within but much more they are the leaders who change the world.

This is also a thoughtful reminder to those who I had the pleasure and privilege to work with in Saranac Lake, NY. For you truly change lives and change the world! You do blessed work.


HRMexplorer – 2016


The Soul and Song of a Leader

I have the great pleasure of introducing Darcy Aubin! Darcy has taken a leap of faith in herself. She is attending a Leadership Academy program.

She is doing it for herself. Something that Darcy does not often do. She is always thinking about others.

When you meet Darcy, you may not notice her, she is a self-deprecating and a quiet lady with a smile that would melt any heart. She is a wonderful mother and human being.

Few if any would know the depth of Darcy’s soul, passion and creativity. She goes about her work in such an unassuming way that other than that wonderful and beautiful smile she would go unnoticed by many.

She needs to be noticed, that is why I had the please of speaking with Darcy and she agreed to have her “letter” published on my blog site. It is my privilege, my honor.

“There, beneath the starry skies, beneath the trees, in the furthest corner of my mind is a feeling of content contemplation.

Of a past life unreachable and a current life that doesn’t sustain my inner ambitions.

My love for myself has indeed taken a hit. Wise people know to get back on that horse.

But. Am I wise?

I hope to be one day.

My heart is full, yet it longs for more.

To love without inhibition, to soar without contempt, to heal without new wounds.

To feel again, to breathe again, to be whole again.

This is my wish for myself.”

Darcy Aubin

Bloomingdale  NY

July 2012

Self portrait by Darcy

When character and courage come together.

Being a leader or a manager of people (and much has been discussed about the difference) has never been about simply the role.

We all have had conversations about what we need to do or to be done. Conversations alone do not achieve anything.

I am here to say that there is much that is the same when we speak about the leader or the manager in us. Indeed the crucial sameness is what we need to aspire to attain, and that sameness outweighs all others.

It seems to me that in our soul we need to recognize that there are times when we have to meet our calling. When the very essence of our character is being challenged.

I have observed the following results and consequences:

Step one: When character and courage come together great things happen.

Step two: When character and courage and understanding come together greater things happen.

Step three:  When character and courage and understanding and passion come together extraordinary things happen.

Step four: When character, courage, understanding, passion, and one mission come together you can change the world and you know the change you wanted!

It seems to me that our role is to explain the dream and provide unbridled opportunity for people to excel and reach that dream, and along the way to provide opportunities.

The role of a leader is to understand:

  • What it takes to cherish and kindle souls, inspire people, and provide a walk way.
  • Understand also that it is they who will deliver.
  • That we cannot really lead others when we do not know the path ourselves.
  • That we cannot expect others to know the path when we ourselves are unclear.
  • We cannot develop others when we ourselves are uncertain.

It is only when we reach step four that we have provided directional leadership and focus for all followers. All other steps are achievable as individuals only step four brings oneness to an organization.

Career changes for 2012 “do I stay or do I go?”

As much as we hear about how bad the economy is, we know that there are companies hiring career jobs.  The question is what do we think of the job we currently have?

Are you in it for the long term and you should be asking yourself these questions.

1.     Do I have passion in my job?

2.     Are the goals I am given realistic? They did not ask me!

3.     Am I a helper monkey or part of the team?

4.     Years of no reviews, so, how am I exceeding expectations? Do they value me?

5.     Career Development?  Is it there? Do they care?

6.     Is my talent being used, or am I wasting away at no brainer stuff?

7.     Are our strategies and priorities’ in line with each other and what do they mean?

8.     Compensation “what is that?” When did I get my last increase?

9.     Team accountability. WHAT!  It is always someone else who shouts louder!

10.  Consistency or Chaos in the workplace. Structure or disorder? It never changes!

Sound familiar? Well maybe the job you have is not the job you want or is it the job you deserve?

It is that time of the year when you can ask yourself what do I want for 2012 and do I deserve more?

Contributions from HRMexplorer and Sister Mae I

Passion versus Paycheck!

I attended a business luncheon the other day, the speaker discussed passion versus paycheck.

These are two totally different definitions, why would you put them in the same sentence?

Definitions: Passion – powerful, intense emotion. Paycheck – payment to an employee for services rendered.

In business, these two words relate to your employees.  You can have passion for the job, (enjoy, love, find it rewarding, sense of responsibly, give your real self to the mission of the organization, really believe.) or are you there for the paycheck (TGIF, give me my money, I am out of here).

You can find all the excuses in the world to just want to collect the paycheck; you’re not the CEO, or the owner, why would you put so much of you (passion) into this job.

But, do you know you are the boss of your job, you can find the passion in what you’re doing.  You need to take charge and shine, and you will get noticed. (Remember you will get noticed anyhow!)

Your employees’ work in different ways, independent, different styles, some are colorful and others are not, that is ok but there is one thing that you do want and that is their hearts and minds and their passion.

AND it is their job, their responsibility to be that way AND it is your job to make it happen.

The passion comes from inside and can be attached to any job. Leadership from you comes from inside too.

A housekeeper in a hotel; should be proud to have the cleanest rooms. Don’t we want to stay in the room that has the housekeeper who goes around with passion about his or her job?  It will be the cleanest and it will have a different “feel.”  Her passion is important to me and to all who travel.

It is all about how we see things in our life. 

One man may be building a brick wall, (no big deal, brick after brick is laid) that is all he sees, the other recognizes that he is building something more worthwhile  he  is building a cathedral, a vision of his accomplishment.

So in your business, do you want an employee that is laying bricks, or someone who is building a cathedral? 

Seeing the passion in your employees’ accomplishments at the end of the day is amazing.  It all comes down to finding the right people for your business, give them the ownership of the position, and let them shine!

Remember how we go about what we gets notices by everyone around!

Guest Blogger:  Sister Mae I


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