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A scorecard for life and work!


Many conversations start with a question!
How are you? How have you been? What have you been up to? And so on.

How did you feel when you were asked the questions? Did you feel like Oh Jeeze no!

We have all been there particularly when things have not been going so well. We have all had those moments…some moments lasting longer than others..

How do those moments change us? Have we become more than one person?
Different with different people…

I come across many people who tell me they are different people when they are at home than when they are at work.

Its not surprising to hear this I hear you say. Many of us show up differently given different circumstances.

The problem is who are we really?

The Questions of Faith and Fear

How do we show up each day?
What do we want to show and importantly what do we want to hide?
What do we want people to think of us?
What are we afraid of if we really show who we are?

Scorecards are life cards!

The thing is from the moment we were born we had a scorecard…how heavy, how long. What color eyes…… and so on.

It continued through infancy through to schools and sports, what were we good at what did we suck at!!

Remember first impressions and lasting impressions?

Life is a scorecard and yet when we get to work we are often different, we give lesser of ourselves and to our co-workers in many cases much less and yet…..

Work and Life
Productivity -Be the best you can be
Attendance -Be punctual when meeting friends
Quality -Be present and attentive
Safety -Do no harm to others – build relationships
Discipline -Fairness and honesty – Always

You see the thing is that each defines you and they cannot be separated:

Your Character
Your Curiosity
Your Courage

Are all ONE and the only thing you have to decide is whether faith of fear separates the REAL you from showing up.

HRMexplorer November 1st 2014
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So is HR about what we think or what we feel? Most get it absolutely wrong!!

feelings-and-emotions-worksheet1I was listening to an NPR program this morning about ART and Beauty. The discussion was do we think we like the ART/ Beauty we see or do we feel the beauty? Our senses often give us a clearer picture then any formulae.

This is an interesting question.

Much of what we learn is about the facts and the figures “BIG DATA! we just need to look at the design of all of the SHRM and CIPD examinations and much of the leadership literature!!

And yet the most dramatic contributions both positive and negative on the performance of any organization are how people FEEL – Yes Emotions!

  1. Culture – explains the way people are treated and made to feel
  2. Diversity or Inclusion – the mere fact that we are in or out of the “clique” makes us feel part or apart of the organization
  3. Behavior – makes us feel great or persecuted depending on how that behavior was demonstrated and enacted on us
  4. The Golden and the Platinum rule – speaks about how people are being treated.
  6. Love what you do do what you love – wow all about emotions and feelings

When asked what do I do as an HR professional the answer is simple.

I change behavior so that I can develop the organization to be the most profitable it can be; AND the people within that business can reach the height of their creativity.

Oh I hear you say we need data, we have to have safe practices, and we need to work within all legal employment constraints. OFF COURSE WE DO.

But when we forget that it is through the 6 points above that the real work is done then all we are doing is fiddling while Rome burns!! And HR has little value!

HR is about artistry lets not forget humans are people with emotions and focusing on that is the whole purpose of what we do. (For some of us!)

So HR needs artists, for it is they who will differentiate the good from the great and the Ok from the outstanding.

Which kind of HR are you?

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Forget the golden rule! It doesn’t work

treatothersasHow often do we hear people say treat others like you want to be treated?

It is simply wrong! I remember when I worked in a hospital, nurses getting into trouble because of they way they treated patients.

They were and are good nurses; the problem was that their standard of service is not what the patient WANTED.

When I sat down and reviewed the scenarios it was clear that this old and well-used rule simply does not work if it ever really did.

The golden rule means that you don’t even have to ask the other person how they want to be treated. You assume they are like you and that we know is not true.

Break the golden rule and throw it away. We have to treat people like THEY want to be treated.

The biggest difference?

The golden rule means we don’t even have to ask the other person! When we develop relationships and customer service we find out that it is in the asking that people really feel special.


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Employee Evaluations – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

targetpracticeDo people in high places think they are above us? Why is it that they can evaluate us and us not them!!!

I don’t mean 360 degree reviews I mean outright performance reviews!!

Why don’t we switch roles and give our boss that evaluation. I bet the likelihood is that they would happen a lot more often!

Not so much the way things happen today. Most business is simply awful at what is the most key “business meeting” that can take place in any business.

Yes you read correctly. A performance review is a business meeting but just go into most organizations and they still rarely take place.

Performance evaluation processes Suck!

We are all about “big data” and metrics for everything!!!

Yet the very people that we rely on to make all that happen don’t even get the respect of a conversation about how they feel or what they need! And when they do it’s often ONCE a year.

How often does your business review its financials?  You get the picture.

HR is often at the center of the controversy. There is too much paperwork and forms!

That may be true when we want to complicate things like adding competences and behaviors and values etc etc.

Call me simplistic but there are only three questions we need to talk about in our business review.

  1. How are you doing against your goals?
  2. What do you need to help you achieve those goals?
  3. What goals do we need to agree on to move things to the next level?

AND lets do it at least ONCE a MONTH.

ONCE a Year it TOO Late to be of any value!

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Building a Company one “C” Player at a time

c report cardHow do you build a team of “A” players?

We all want “A” players right? WRONG!! This country let alone companies are built on honest to goodness everyday hard working “C” players.

They are the salt of the earth and they are the rock of a nation or any organization.

AND you can develop” C” players into you future stars. But remember “C” players have huge value.

Don’t get me wrong there will always be “C” players because sometimes that is all they want to be and that is ok.

The art of leadership is about knowing who you develop and who simply is great at what they do all day long and knowing that that is all they want to do.

Building “people strength” comes from knowing that knowledge is needed at all “intellectual or motivational “levels of an organization.

We all don’t need to be “A”.  “The art of  loving what you do and doing just that” is immensely  valuable.  I have known “C” Players to be some of the best in the companies I have worked for and yes they have been strategists and planners.

Remembering that your business is of no value without the right people in the right jobs at the right time AND DOING THE RIGHT THINGS AT THE RIGHT BUSINESS LEVELS must not go unnoticed and is a key people strategy.

So when everyone is looking for the scarce “A” player” the companies that will move forward in the longer run will be the ones who know that the talent is already within. They just needed to figure out how to turn that piece of coal into a diamond, furthermore recognize that coal itself is an essential fuel.

By the way what is a “C” player? They are the ones often rated as “average”.

The thing is, many of those average people changed the world and we simply did not notice!


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