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Life lessons from the game of golf that work in the Business World!

Thought about this when I was reading this book! Love my work love my golf. I want always to get better at both – always!

Golfing lessons that improve your golf score Business Lessons that improve your performance
Study the shot to be played- in relationship to your capabilities Start with your game/business plan – make sure you have the talent to make it happen
Select the right club (and tee the ball correctly if it is a tee shot) Make sure you have the resources you need to do the job in hand
Take the correct grip A great plan always starts with the right basics in place
Take the correct stance for the shot to be played Pause and Check your  “foundational assumptions” before you take your first steps
Keep your head steady Keep your focus and move forward with a passion and steady conviction
See that your left knee points behind the ball on the backswing Ensure you have checks and balances in place
Have your wrists broken to the fullest extent at the top of your backswing, without loosening your left hand. The right hand is firm but not tight Ensure that all processes and functions are working in harmony and pointing/focused towards the same goal
Pause at the top of the swing Take time to reflect to ensure proper goal execution and you are still on target
Don’t rush as you start down, but get your right knee in toward the ball When ready to go, do it in a planned, respectful and professional way and with confidence
Keep your head steady Keep your focus and move forward with a passion and steady conviction
Keep your hands ahead of the clubhead by keeping your wrists cocked, and whip your right hand into the shot at the last second When completing the task always check your resources and make sure they are all aligned and still on mission
Keep your head steady Keep your focus and move forward with a passion and steady conviction

Taken from the book – How to play your best golf – All the time by Tommy Armour.

(The simple routine of an Orderly Golf Shot – Tommy Armour)

I like to keep things simple, it seems to work much better and always much more fun so I thought you might like this…. Peter ( HRMexplorer)

It also struck me that golf is like business, we always want to get better and improve our score.

We also know that it is more than the clubs we use, but moreover how we use our mind, the talent we have, the wisdom of the caddie, and how we form our game plan.

Finally and most importantly there is also a need to be a “gentleman” and honorable and always be trustful. There is little fun in the game of golf or business when you use “foot wedges” to get ahead.

The Girl Scouts of the USA – an American Way of Life – Leadership at work.

I had the honor of conducting ceremonies and saying a few words at the Girl Scouts of the USA Gold Awards this past weekend. – Less than 5% of all Girl Scouts ever achieve that distinction!

The community projects that these young women have completed and their aspirations is staggering.

They are already leaders.

Simply look into the eyes of these young women. There is a fire and a spirit that glows within them that makes you shiver and tingle!

Many blogs talk about leadership. This is what I know.

Leadership is a word that many people use. To me it is about the heart and soul and you’re very breath- as your 6th President John Quincy Adams said so well

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

So leadership is about dreaming a future, a vision and doing all that you can to make it happen.

That is why the words, that the founder of Girl Scouts, are still so relevant nearly 100 years later.

Courage – to go places where others fear to go/to do things that others are afraid to do.

Confidence – in your inner self, and believing that you can make a difference in this world whatever the adversity.

Character – To be true to yourself and those around you when others falter.

These are deep rooted values and a passion the founder of the Girl Scouts had, not simply words, she knew that these values were not easily come by, and she knew what that this world needed in its young women.

These values together with connecting and collaboration create communities that take action to be the change, to make the dust not eat the dust.

This is the Girls Scouts of the USA that Juliette Gordon Low dreamed it to be – She would be proud of what has transpired in the last 99 years of Girl Scouting.

I truly believe that the Girl Scouts of USA are an integral part of American Life.

Girl Scouts of the USA You rock!


The Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn, combines leadership development, career exploration, self-improvement and community service.

It culminates in a 65-hour leadership project that each girl plans and executes according to her own interests and passions.

 Latest flash news

The new requirements for the Gold Award challenges them with an 80-hour project. To further challenge the girls, only hours after their project concept has been formally approved count towards their Gold.

Life and Relationships are about complimenting as much as completing who you are.

I was speaking to a dear friend of mine recently and she was radiant.

She had been thinking a great deal about what made her “ really happy” more inwardly self-fulfilled.

Many of us live life without a real purpose. Many of us seek that “something in a relationship or someone else.”

Sure we humans are creatures who seek tribes to live with.

Life though, also teaches us that we need to find that inner peace, a place within ourselves that when the tough times come we can go to a place where we can always smile.

Who do you really work for? A Business Survival checklist!

If you did not know it, this is a pretty important question.

I do not hear it very often though. Not in the real sense. Not in many interviews or conversations.

To me this question is key to the success and creative energy of any business. The heart and soul and the critical success factor.

It is the difference between delivering “real” customer service and simply ”going through the motion.” It is the difference between developing the soul of your business and its people and killing it.

It is the difference between “seeing and feeling” the energy in people who know what they do to give of their best and have the authority, and seeing those blank lifeless faces with no hope because they have no influence to make a difference.

No way to run a business!! Yet we see this all to often, we see employees who can only shrug their shoulders. Yet it is not their fault! It is the fault of others, those who run the business or believe themselves to be leaders or “owner-bosses.” That is the devastating force of “me-ism”

The question in my lead-header asks you the following business fundamentals.

How do you?

  1. Include those who work for/with you in conversations and understand their needs and interests.
  2. Understand how to “really” take care of your customers.
  3. Figure out how you build relationships with all around you.
  4. Spend the resources you have to create and develop rather than sustain the business.
  5. Listen to what co-workers/employees have to say, for they can truly give you insights.
  6. SUPPORT and DEVELOP those who work for or with you.
  7. Build Trust and Give your authority away to your employees or co-workers?
  8. Recover from bad experiences to deliver something extraordinary.
  9. Know that your employees are not just followers but your very own potential leaders.
  10. Ground yourself enough to know that it is not you that is the important one.

So my  “ask” of you is to know there is a difference and the difference is about quality of life and business. The difference is YOU so go on “be the change.”

Do you create value by empowering those who work for or with you or do you destroy it.

What stories do you have?

When information is simply too much, you have to know how to filter.

I was attending a social media class and the obvious became. Well obvious.

So I started to think about how information overload has affected many people I know, and also some of the conversations to overcome the relentless stress it gives all of us.

There was a time when all that we needed to know was within the miles we walked and our immediate community. That was our whole world!

Then we moved into the printed age. That was when we started to have to research what we needed to know. The world of books and printed news caused us to live in a world where we could not possibly know everything. Our world suddenly became something that was bigger then the community we lived in. There was another world out there!

Now in the age of Social Media when people learn of world events at the speed of internet, such as the assassination of Osama bin Laden at baseball matches from their cell phones, we know that the only way we can be smarter is to use our network of relationships to help us determine things we have not even asked questions about.

So how do we manage all this?

  1. Understand that the information you need can be put into two categories
    1. Need to know – makes a lasting difference to your life.
    2. Nice to know  – If you never knew it, and then found out, it would have made no difference anyway.
  2. Choose what information helps you achieve better performance or quality of life.
  3. Decide what you will really do with the knowledge the information has given you.
    1. Does it help you?
    2. Is it of value to someone else – if so give it away?
    3. What is the time value of the information- we all are tempted to keep books and articles for years only to find the new way has long outdated what we read yesterday!
    4. Rid yourself of the rest! It will only sit on your desk and distract you. We can all relate to this and piles of paper only makes you feel like you have so much to do, when in fact it is taking away from what you rely must do, and from your real life.

You know it makes sense, but what are your thoughts?


Gesundheit - Rezepte - Reisen


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