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Leadership is about team working


  1. Be OBSESSIVE in reaching your goal. Be ADAPTIVE AND NIMBLE in the strategies to achieve those goals
  2. Be TENATIOUS and INVENTIVE in all your efforts to remove obstacles
  3. Commit yourself to QUALITY PERFORMANCE in all facets of your teams working
  4. Be INSPIRED by the vision of what you are attempting to achieve
  5. Actively BUILD RELATIONSHIPS both informal and formal to include people who matter and can support your goals
  6. Be ACCESSIBLE to team members and communicate strongly what the goals stand for, WELCOME comments from those outside your team
  7. RESPOND quickly and positively to opportunities. Do not wait for things to happen rather ANTICIPATE and ACT
  8. INFLUENCE is based on CREDIBILITY rather than title
  9. INTUITION is a key competence of your team achieving its goals
  10. CREATIVITY and INNOVATION must be nurtured
  11. VALUE people for their contribution and added value rather than status or position
  12. CONSTANTLY look for new ways to DESIGN
  13. ALWAYS be prepared to work the DETAIL as well as the STRATEGY

Building an effective team

Building a team is not easy; the key is getting the right people in the right positions.

Like building your “football team”.  

Your Quarterback is the leader, the Full Back’s responsibilities includes protecting the Quarterback, blocking the opposing players from entering the offense half; the Safety is your last line of defense; the Wide Receiver is fleet of foot.

You need all of these positions (and then some) to make the perfect team.  

In building any successful team you have to use their talents in the best way possible.  Don’t let half job people slow your business down.  Get the right people in the right positions, those who put their heart and soul into what they do!

Observations of an effective team:

  1. They can make mistakes but they recover from them – Fast.
  2. They cover each other at all times.
  3. They care about each other.
  4.  They apologize with sincerity when they make mistakes.
  5. They understand that it is Ok to agree to disagree; they also understand that the team comes first.
  6. Everyone has a voice.
  7. They have developed trust in each other.
  8. They have a mission.
  9. They will achieve!

Let your employees talk, if they have a suggestion, hear them out.  It gives them self-assurance and a confidence that they are an important part of the organization.  You will be thanking them later!

Finding committed/focused team members in your organization is essential.  Your success depends on it!

Remember that when you have collected all these skills you have created a sincere, respectful, confident, trusting, and committed group of people with the ability to become a winning team.

A great team develops a rhythm, a confidence, a pace and a winning game plan.

Your next job as a leader is to keep them for others will want them too.


Performance Reviews that Work- Performance Through People!

Measuring Performance seems to be such an issue with many people I thought I would add some ideas that might help support my previous blog The Seven Virtues of Performance Reviews

Traditionally and even today I note too narrow a focus on how Performance Measurement and Reviews are handled in organizations.

Learning Point #1 In order to achieve effective communications, team building, results that work, motivation and engagement we need to have effective performance measures in place.


Learning Point # 2 Performance reviews and measures must be part of a strategic leadership and management system AND not simply be focused on maximizing future profits.


Learning Point #3 We need to move away from the traditional approach of it all being down to financial results and outcomes, that’s too narrow!

Learning Point #4 Reviews need to focus on the strategic outcomes of the business and in turn develop the person along those lines,


Learning Point #5 The information used needs to be relevant and contribute to good decision-making. Too much focus has concentrated on what has already happened and looks backwards rather than forwards!


Learning point #6 Reviewing performance is about meeting the needs of the future!


Learning point #7 Performance reviews are about “building” not “destroying” the people in your organization.


Leaning point #8 Performance reviews are not an extension of your accounting system; they are part of your business culture.


Learning Point #9 Crucially performance reviews were viewed as influencing behavior- failure to perform was seen as punishment thus stifling innovation and creativity.


Learning Point #10 Performance Reviews, are there to develop not to punish your employees!

A great way to look at the basis of the new approach is the Business Performance Through People – Review Pyramid – see picture on this blog!

Adapted from Institute of Management Foundation and the work of R.L.Lynch and K.F.Cross 1991



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