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LIfe is a daSH


Born  – Died

Remember you are born with nothing,

And you die with nothing,

So what matters is your DaSH.

Live in grace,

Do not judge or condemn,

Forgive, Impact lives, Listen,

Work hand, Teach, Counsel, 
Have Vision, Motivate, Volunteer,

Donate, Thank often, Find good in others,

Love, Dream, & Check your heart often.

This is my DaSH, have you thought about yours?

dlanc, making my DaSH count.

What is your daSH? How will you spend your LIfe?

Our names are  Doreen and Peter Lanc

aka  Sister Mae I and HRMexplorer

Created by SISTER MAE I

“Par is what I shot today.”

Now not everyone is a golfer. This quote from Willie Nelson made me think however about how we think about ourselves and how sometimes the “little” things drive us so blindingly hard.

It is sometimes easy to forget to enjoy who we already are and the friendships and life already lived.

Now I know that for millions of golfers shooting Par golf is a sublime dream and no “little” thing.

We all have dreams. I think it is important that we have them.

Lets make sure that our dreams keep us grounded and deliver the best of ourselves.

There are many out there whose pursuit of their dream makes them people we do not want to be around.

Being reflective, being able to laugh at ourselves; enjoying life and knowing that we have so little time on this planet and doing the very best we can is already a life fulfilled.

Was this not the dream of our parents? They simply wanted us to be good people and be kind to others and have a good life.

Enjoying who you are is as important as who you want to be. Don’t let the one diminish the other.


Are you having a great day?

I have been in the States now for some 8 years and I guess I am used to that pretty much standard -phrase. So much so that I sometimes play a game when asked.

How are you, are you having a GREAT DAY

I say….

“Not Really!”

What do you think happens?

You are right the other person usually says “That’s good!” and goes on sublimely onto some next catchy phrase with no meaning or intent! So much for authentic customer service.

Anyway it got me thinking and so….

Isn’t every day we are alive a great day?

I mean we are a long time dead and I know, I know, some people really have a crappy life and a terrible time!

We all have those moments and yet why do some move on and others get stuck?

So I went to do my research with a few folks over cocktails, isn’t that where all the world’s woes are resolved and our sorrows drowned?

So here are the results!

We all need to feel we are having a great day! When

We connect with a loved one

We live for the moment and then have faith in our future

We can help someone else who is feeling worse then we do

We can reflect and move on to the next chapter in our life with desire

We have our freedom

We can dream our dreams

I guess it’s all about two things.

Our Relationships and our Connections with the world we live and love in.


And you know what? These choices belong to each one of us. We own these choices

So a daily list to help us make every Day a Great day is:

  • Think who we want to be known for while we live
  • Think of where we came from and where our dreams are taking us too
  • Always dream the dream- they provide flames to our soul
  • Think of those we most often speak and listen to
  • When we reach out and connect with those we have not spoken to for a long time because…
  • We do things because they are the right things to do

All of our lives are made up of days. It is up to each of us to make it one that inspires others.

For those who say “No way Hosay”  think of a life that is wasted. Now that is a crappy life let alone day!



Gesundheit - Rezepte - Reisen


be inspired to greatness

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