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Another 100 HR/Recruiting and #SocialRecruiting Blogs (via Norton Folgate: The Recruiting Unblog)

Thanks Bill, Great to follow your site and your thoughts. Thanks for mentioning my blog site!

Another 100  HR/Recruiting and #SocialRecruiting Blogs Earlier this year I published a blog post on 140 HR and Recruiting blogs I read. This has been one of my most revisited posts of all time and still gets regular shares. As it’s Christmas, and there could be some spare reading time coming up, I’ve added another 100 to the list. I’ve also slipped in a few marketing blogs I like that I think fit the theme, and … Read More

via Norton Folgate: The Recruiting Unblog

Is 2011 Ready for ME!

This is the time of year when we start to think about what we want to achieve in the year ahead.

We set our goals and resolutions only to find that most fall short of what we were so determined to do.

So what started this blog?

I spontaneously sent out a replying tweet out to @PinkOliveFamily – (Susan Kang Nam) saying “is 2011 ready for me? :)”

Talk about fate or karma! Susan and I got on the phone and she inspired me to think some more about that tweet and she is great at getting you thinking. I am sure we started a conversation that will last!

So what did I mean?

  • 2011 will not be the same as 2010. I remember not achieving many of the things that I wanted to because a number of situations stopped or slowed me up along the way.
    • I have learned that my instincts, knowledge and awareness give invaluable insights that I must not ignore or set aside and I must reinforce them so that I can overcome future constraints.
  • Some of the special people I met in 2010 have encouraged me to use my talents and gifts.
    • I will remember that being inspired by friends is a gift of itself, and that I must use my talents and gifts for good purpose and thus 2011 will see me attain achievements not attainable before.
  • I remind myself that I am accountable for what I do, and to be accountable means having the courage and persistence to do things when others are uncertain, are not in agreement or tell you that what you say is not popular.
    • I need to reflect that to think differently and to challenge is not so bad and is indeed necessary for change, and I am encouraged to continue to do so. To do otherwise is to maintain the norm.
  • That a “can do attitude” is not only essential but also critical to business today and it matters not that others say,  “it’s not my job”.
    • That my talent to see the “art of the possible” is not so common and I must use it.
  • That to think differently about how my profession must grow is essential.
    • I know that a different approach offers much richness and inclusiveness to any conversation, and not to make my voice heard productively would be to diminish the profession and myself.
  • That passion and voice when combined offers edginess, which sometimes makes others uncomfortable.
    • I understand and know that passion and voice together are necessary to achieve new thinking.
  • That conversations need to include different opinions to gain new ways of understanding.
    • That differing opinions provide a basis for positive conflict and airing of differences and that those differences will bring together common understanding.
  • That being a leader often calls me to consider what is necessary and essential for the greater good of the work that I do and for whom I do that work.
    • That I must be true to the cause and be authentic and transparent and have the courage to be so.

In writing this I am mindful that many others could have written it with similar sentiments.

So let’s look forward to 2011. Indeed, let’s welcome the year in with open arms and minds and make it OUR year.

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Inspector “Change Agent” from the Pink Panther!

I was having drinks with friends over the weekend.

We were talking about change agents and their role in business. You know how it goes, their impact and longevity and their style.

It made me think of the Pink Panther and the famous and hilarious  “Inspector Jacques Clouseau”.

Imagine the scene:

The telephone rings and the caller desperately asks is “Inspector Agent” there?” I have an urgent business problem that needs solving!”

Hold on the Captain says I will get  “Inspector Change Agent” on the case, I think he can help!

“Hello what can I do for you” in a gruff but welcoming voice replies  “Change Agent”.

“I have a serious business issue which needs your particular skills,” the dejected  CEO replies. “I don’t know what to do!”

Well you can imagine the rest. Much has been said and written about the role of change agents. It seems though we can simplify some of the  “change agent types”.

There is:

Inspector  “Lightening Bolt” – Comes in and has a huge blinding impact, Takes few prisoners and blasts his way through to what needs to be done. Everybody around is “sizzled” along the way.

The problem is that he has a very deliberate and specific impact area, that’s the solution too -focus.

Much is about “doing it to others” not much about engaging those around him.

Let’s face it lightening strikes in a very specific way and where it lands it leaves its deep marks. It also leaves a pretty deep impact on those it hits, but they are few and far between.

He brings the flash of original ideas and brilliance to the problem. The change is immediate and may not be long lasting, or only for a very few months.

Then there is

Inspector  “Drip of Water” This change agent is much more subtle and when he does something it ripples all the way through the organization.

His style is more inclusive and gathers followers who become leaders along the way. His effect is more likely to ripple -reach the far-reaching corners of the organization.

His inclusive style tends to be more lasting and re-generational. Change is more of a step change process, and may weaken as a result.

Then of course you have Inspector “Tsunami”

This is the Change agent who is a combination of both of the above. Has a huge impact and long lasting. But wow everybody either get out of the way or get on board fast. This is one fast and adventurous ride!

What is the most effective “agent” for you will be determined by your culture and how much you need to move and how fast.

The point is that change agents come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and they do not have to be the “kick down the door” aggressive person that is often imagined.

Change agents do just that, they change things! the problem is often not with what or how they go about their work, although it can be.

I believe that the problem often lies with the organizations that think they need the change but are not ready for it!

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Whose values are they anyway?

I was reading this article Be Smart – Hire for the JOB not the Fabled “Fit” Written by Ian Welsh CHRP and it made me think that, as an HR Professional, there is much to be said for Ian’s article.

I have to admit to being someone who is very business practical so I remember having the same conversations that Ian speaks of many times.

I well remember managers saying, “For goodness sake you know what I want just get on and hire some one who can do the damn job, you know it will change in 6 months anyway”. Right?

Stop going on about this fluffy “HR”stuff, I don’t have time for all this fit for hire “gobbledy gook”.

Some passing thoughts and memories:

  • When you get a number of managers on an interview panel all looking for different priorities from the candidate and trying to figure out what the values mean in practical terms! (Been there done that).
  • When you ask employees to remember what the values are without looking at the back of their identity cards.
  • Try explaining values to external recruiters and ask them to give you a “feel” of what you are looking for, and how this impacts the job/business outcomes. Ask them which has priority fit or skill set. – no you have to choose!
  • Can the person do the job? How do the values “really” fit especially when there is so much “hot desking” contract work, interims, working from home not to exclude overseas based customer service employees?
  • So I am having this conversation with myself, that off course, the person has to fit. But fit what and who and then along comes this Dilbert cartoon (I did not put it on my blog), it would have been cool but they wanted $100 per month! It was all about values!
  • Anyway the very same moment that the Dilbert strip came in my email box – I mean it pinged the very same “ moment” that I am having this conversation with myself! Anyway. That is why I thought I had to write my thoughts rather then argue with myself!
  • I get it! There has to be a fit! And yet the creative and enquiring side of me asks is it with the job, the boss, the customer, the “organization” co-workers, is it for now, for the future, for all time. and so on. I know I can hear the “HR specialist’ say well it has to be all of the above! Duh!
  • So then I ask. What happens when the company changes owners, the current strategies change, and you the HR Manager is asked to get the list together and you start letting go great people doing their jobs extremely well? So much for “toeing the Values Line”. Fit for Purpose just meant that was for then!
  • I agree I yell to Ian (who wrote the blog) and my dogs! Where is the inclusiveness in all this “fit for purpose” stuff?  And who is evaluating and measuring the values outcome.
  • I am not in anyway suggesting you hire people who have no values or morals.
  • My point is simply be very careful who it is who you think is espousing them so haughtily and pretend to really understand what they are, and think that they carry them out. Devils in disguise! You have all come across them.
  • “Oh well I say to myself it was ever “fair in love, war, recruitment and values”
  • Just be aware of whose values you are aligned to.

The picture on my blog? Well I thought Tinker bell would be good – Reminds me of watch what you wish for!

Thanks and cheers! Look forward to your comments!

The 3 things I am most passionate about! What will you be known for?

My top 3 passions are:

  1. Family.
  2. Dedication to Business excellence and the development of the Human Resource Profession.
  3. Volunteering- developing productive relationships in my communities.

So the question is how do you go about living your life around your passions, and what does it tell others about you?

For me it’s about:

  1. Putting others before myself.
  2. Making sure I keep my mind focused on what can be done and what must be done.
  3. Knowing that my communities are not limited by physical boundaries and they are all important. (Many people use different social mediums).
  4. Serving others and not self-serving. (How many people do you know who get on boards for reasons to promote themselves)?
  5. Spending 80% at Board meetings talking about how we can fix things and only 20% about what we have already done.
  6. Asking those around me at our meetings to keep their business hat on (rather then take it off or turn it the other way)- Strange how people change, when they move from their job to a community role.
  7. Preferring to plant long-term seeds rather than annuals.
  8. Preferring root cause solutions to Band Aid.
  9. Preferring results rather than great processes.
  10. Doing the work not just thinking it through

I do what I love to do, and I am the same whatever I do- I have no mask.

So what excites me and what I get enthusiastic about is whom I am.

So it’s not what I do or who I know it’s what others know about me.

The question is who are you and what do you want to be known for.

Picture – Princess Diana – The Peoples’ Princess – Known for Her passion for Humanitarianism


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