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One life – Only so many breaths.

It is said that much of life is what we make it, or is what life makes of us?

Did we ever really have all of the choices, or were we destined before we even begin life to do the things that we do, or be who we have become?

There have been many times when I know that I have wasted the limited breathes that each of us has been given.

I know that every one of us have only so many breathes, the number never known until the very last.

When we were young

We didn’t bother to count the number of breathes , we were invincible and life was ahead of us, fear was not even a word that we knew.

We could not even think of broken hearts, lost loved ones and the dashed hopes that each come across. Those days were yet to come.

The breathes that we took were of hope and a life to be lived, and dreams to be become reality and a life of fulfillment.

Our future was still unknown and we didn’t carry the thoughts that our life would have moments of sadness.

That life was not a straight path.

We didn’t even know who we would become.

Growing Up

We realized that not all of us have the same number of breathes and-along life’s pathways we lose some of those who should have had more.

We are reminded to use the breathes that we have for good use and not to waste them needlessly.

That we are lucky ones because some of those who were much more deserving never had the same number of breathes that we have.

That the fairness of life is simply not fair, but to waste the breathes that you have been given is much worse.

That while we make mistakes along the way, some have been given breathes to reflect and pay forward so that others can avoid foolhardiness and for us to renew our ways.

That to grow up for some creates an unimaginable stress as not all can see a pathway for their future, their destiny remains unclear and a life that is still a mystery.

Settling down

Reflecting on a near done life with some time still left to go, what messages do we desire to give, for we have found that life is different for everyone and yet every life has its own meaning.

What did we learn along the way, what was the same for each of us and what did it teach us.

We all have one life and a predetermined number of breathes, for each untold.

Yet we need to create a life that has dreams that can unfold, and so it is told:

One life only so many breathes a reflection

We were born to be the children of the universe

So that each can honor, serve, and knowledge disperse,

To make the best of what we are given,

Is God’s gift for all the living.

There are only so many breathes that each of us take,

So lets decide that they will be the very best we can make.

So that when we look back and then to create nurture

Our children can say we gave them a future

The lesson we leave is to use all our breathes no matter the number

To do the very best is what we must remember.
March 25th 2019

“The gift of caring.” A Leadership story

For July 4th I gave myself a treat. I started reading Og Mandino’s book – “Secrets for Success and Happiness.”

He recants a conversation when:

“Samuel Taylor Coleridge was entertaining a visitor. The subject was children.

The visitor suggested that children should be given a free reign to think and act how they wanted, and thus learn at an early age to make their own decisions. The visitor went so far as suggesting that that was the only way that they can grow to their full potential.”

Coleridge interrupted the man saying I would like to show you my flower garden. The poet led the man outside and in horror the visitor exclaimed “ Why that is nothing but a yard full of weeds!”

“Well,” smiled Coleridge, “ it was filled with roses, but this year I thought I would let the garden grow as it willed without my tending to it. And you can see the results.”

Everyone and everything needs direction, loving, nurturing and caring.

Why is that so hard for us to understand?


Where living to the age of 21 is life’s goal!

“859 House” is less than a mile from the U.S. Capitol building yet it may as well be 10,000 miles away it’s that different from where the well heeled and influential on Capitol Hill go about their daily work oblivious, of how close another world is to their own.


“The House” is an outreach haven open year round and is community home for young boys and men in one small part of Washington D.C.

It’s a place for love and spiritual guidance and is an oasis amidst a sea of crime, discrimination, drugs, guns and little hope of any kind.

It is a place for kids to go, to learn and do something worthwhile, to keep them off the street, for some to keep them out of jail, or get into drugs, or worse simply to keep them alive. Its that kind of environment.

The mission of the “House” is simple and practical- nothing fancy but it’s powerful!

“To bring love and service, and Christian beliefs into the hearts of young people – to transform kids into the best they can be and to give them dreams and hopes and a self belief that they are truly worthy.”


They are loved and cared for by the volunteers and mentors who work there.

Guns and drugs and shootings are part of their daily life. Kids dare not stray to the other side of the road as that belongs to another gang. They are often stopped in the streets or in stores for here trust and color do not sit easily together.

“The House” opens its doors in the summer, when school is out, to other teens, boys and girls and organizes sponsored funded trips so that the kids can  “get away from it all”

They go to places like Michigan where my family lives and hosts “two kids from D.C.”.

“The 859 House kids” have to earn the right to go on these trips. Community work is what they have to do, to earn their place on the 12 hour-long bus trip to Michigan.

They are with us for 7 days. Then they go back and dream of the next trip two years into the distance.

They look forward to these trips. They remember everything from the last time.

This past week we hosted and are the parents for one week of our “two kids from D.C.”

Two African American girls who when they first came 2 years ago, were so scared they would no even go into the fridge for some goodies – an American kids pastime!

We remember, they would not even touch my wife’s handbag to get the purse out for some money- even though we asked them to take out 5 dollars.

This time, it was different. You see trust is an important part of life, and we formed a bond two years ago that meant they were not scared to treat our home as theirs for the brief week they were with us.

In these seven days we were one family and no one saw color.

We learned from each other:


Our lives are so different and we take what we do in our Michigan town every day as normal.

Their normal is not our normal – the quietness of rural Michigan scares them they are used to the noise of screaming and sirens and gunshots.


They come from tough neighborhoods where goals include, staying alive, not getting raped, avoiding the prejudice and simply having fun without looking over your shoulder or watching which way you walk to the next fast food store.


They come from an environment where 85% of the kids don’t know who their father is and drugs and other bad stuff is their daily way of life.


They come from a life where they all know someone in their family who is in prison or has been seriously injured or shot.

That in spite of their world they love and want to be loved and care and feel the same things we feel and want the same things we all want.


Color differentiates where they live but not in our home, their home -color is part of what makes Gods environment

They come to Michigan every two years and they have to earn the right to do so.

Everything in life has to be earned; they have learned this from an early age.

They are loved, they are kids and we are in one country but live in different worlds.

In Michigan and in our house and for seven days in their lives it is all one country and one world and one community.



Gesundheit - Rezepte - Reisen


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