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So if I asked you in 3 years time…

blankbookWhat would have to have changed in your life both personally and professionally for you to be happy with your progress?

Just been reading a great book written by Dan Sullivan it’s called the “ The Dan Sullivan Question”.

Now many of us might well have been asking these questions in our own way but it’s a great reminder that follow up and understanding the constraints and more:


What would you say? Could you answer the question?

How truthful could you be and how much courage would it take to get to the answer?

Sullivan mentions His D.O.S. principles – Dangers, Opportunities and Strengths

It reminds me of many conversations I have about courage and character and how much of those two do you have?

It’s a great read but more than that it will make you think or NOT and that is the first step you have to take!



Are you doing all the right things to keep your employees?

Keeping your (Productive) employees should be at the top of your daily list.

Productive, effective employees that are motivated; give better customer service, up your sales, are more involved and stay longer with the company!

(And if they don’t your, training and development just became an expense)

Here is my top ten list:

  1. Money does motivates and when it doesn’t it de-motivates!! It is as simple as that! Pay your employees their worth don’t take advantage of them.
  2. Constantly share information with them, don’t keep them in the dark!  The more they know the more valuable they will feel and understand what they are supposed to do.
  3. Clear job duties, accountabilities and goals are a must!  Your employees need to know who is doing what; clears up of a lot of misunderstandings and duplication.
  4.  Ask you employees for feedback, who knows better what is going on than your employees.
  5. Challenge your employees, give them ownership of projects, and let them soar!  They will feel more trusted and included. They will become loyal to you for giving them the opportunity.
  6.  Give your employees room for growth; job training opportunities, day conferences, projects, and REAL tasks.  This will show value, and growth.
  7. Encourage teamwork, group and inter department projects; give them a reason to work together.
  8. Manage from distance.  Having the boss looking over your shoulder is stressful.
  9. Coach your employees.  Instead of ordering them around, do this, do that, coach them to take responsibility.  Great leaders coach and they create a leadership environment.
  10. Fire the losers!  They will spread negativity like wild fire!  This very action will actually grow respect among your employees. Having someone around just collecting the paycheck is frustrating for your team.

Remember one of the most important qualities is to let others grow. It is not your right to hang on to everything, or that it must be done your way, or you have to give all the solutions.

Original idea from Sister Mae I and a conversation with HRMexplorer

Picture courtesy of Google images


Leadership is about team working


  1. Be OBSESSIVE in reaching your goal. Be ADAPTIVE AND NIMBLE in the strategies to achieve those goals
  2. Be TENATIOUS and INVENTIVE in all your efforts to remove obstacles
  3. Commit yourself to QUALITY PERFORMANCE in all facets of your teams working
  4. Be INSPIRED by the vision of what you are attempting to achieve
  5. Actively BUILD RELATIONSHIPS both informal and formal to include people who matter and can support your goals
  6. Be ACCESSIBLE to team members and communicate strongly what the goals stand for, WELCOME comments from those outside your team
  7. RESPOND quickly and positively to opportunities. Do not wait for things to happen rather ANTICIPATE and ACT
  8. INFLUENCE is based on CREDIBILITY rather than title
  9. INTUITION is a key competence of your team achieving its goals
  10. CREATIVITY and INNOVATION must be nurtured
  11. VALUE people for their contribution and added value rather than status or position
  12. CONSTANTLY look for new ways to DESIGN
  13. ALWAYS be prepared to work the DETAIL as well as the STRATEGY

H.R.’s Wake up call!

I Recently saw some more articles on this subject. Yawn!!!!

For those who read my blogs one of the highest responses (over 1000 hits) was when I wrote.

“HR folks just don’t get it and it’s getting old!”

I also commented recently perhaps harshly that if after 80 years of the profession moving from a welfare and benefits function to a strategic positioning partner we still ponder the need for  “HR to have a wake up call” we have simply lost our way.

It’s not just the issues of having, good people who are simply misdirected or misguided in the profession, it’s also the problem of the profession that is encouraging folk to join without a vision of HR themselves.

Am I being harsh? Perhaps. Am I being realistic? You bet.

More importantly am I asking the courageous question? YES.

There are too many folks who want to give answers. That’s the easy part. What are the questions that drive the answers? Too often we talk about re-engineering this or that business process.

Do more with less people, higher quality etc. etc. Old as the hills. Did it make a lasting sustainable stakeholder difference?

We need folks in HR who ask the questions that no one else asks or wants to ask. How do we INCLUSIVELY DRIVE our intentions to the SOUL of the organization and bring life to that SOUL.

It’s tough and we need tough. There is no place in HR for those who say they are all about “the people” when they continue to lay them off or “downsize etc. etc.

Do what I did, I joined an organization and said “we must agree we will never lay anyone off! And that happened!

How? Well let’s say there was no questions or discussions about there being a “ seat at the board table”, or “having a wake up call”, or all that other stuff! It was hard and it was stressful but we did it!

What will your boss miss about you when you leave?

Is  it the policies and procedures that you developed, is it  the performance management process or succession-planning program…

or is that you were willing to push the tough courageous question and you were prepared to have honest and authentic conversations that made a REAL difference in the lives of those around you?  And you never relented.

To have the  conversations that has high risk to your own position for the purpose of what your real role in HR is to your organization is  what you must do and as much as anything else it challenges whether you do indeed have courage, passion and intent. Look in the mirror and see who you really are.

HRMexplorer August 2012


LIfe is a daSH


Born  – Died

Remember you are born with nothing,

And you die with nothing,

So what matters is your DaSH.

Live in grace,

Do not judge or condemn,

Forgive, Impact lives, Listen,

Work hand, Teach, Counsel, 
Have Vision, Motivate, Volunteer,

Donate, Thank often, Find good in others,

Love, Dream, & Check your heart often.

This is my DaSH, have you thought about yours?

dlanc, making my DaSH count.

What is your daSH? How will you spend your LIfe?

Our names are  Doreen and Peter Lanc

aka  Sister Mae I and HRMexplorer

Created by SISTER MAE I


Gesundheit - Rezepte - Reisen


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