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What if life had a roll over plan, how would you use those extra minutes?

2015-02-08 10.55.37All the commercials about cell phone roll over plans. Rolling over the minutes we did not use last month!

What if life were like?

If we had the possibility of having such a life plan what would you do with your extra minutes?

Minutes that today are gone and just memories? Minutes that we have wasted and we wish we could have all over?

  • More time with the family – less time at work.
  • Repairing memories and doing the real stuff. The stuff that creates friendships.
  • Turning around regrets that only extra time can heal.
  • Volunteering your time to others – giving others some of our extra time.
  • Giving your extra minutes to a dying friend.

Make Life worth it!

Accept and Cherish!

cherishIt’s fathers’ day 2014

A time when many of us will have fond memories and for some not so fond.

Life will always throw as soft curves and sometimes not so soft.

It is often the ones we love that give us the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

In my deliberations each day I come across people who ask more questions then there answers.

Many are afraid of what they will hear but human nature takes us there all too often anyway.

We are curious creatures, us humans, it makes us reach the highest of achievements and takes us to places where there is deep consternation and pain.

Life as we know it is will always surprise us. That is what makes it so exciting and unpredictable.

If we all knew each day what the rest of our life would bring how would that define who we are?

Courage and character comes from meeting the challenges of the unknown and the challenges we never wanted.

Too many of our friends leave us each day whether it is through natural death, injury, or disease.

Sometimes we just need to believe in faith and simply accept and cherish what we have and make the best of things. It is only then that we will overcome the worst of things.



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So is HR about what we think or what we feel? Most get it absolutely wrong!!

feelings-and-emotions-worksheet1I was listening to an NPR program this morning about ART and Beauty. The discussion was do we think we like the ART/ Beauty we see or do we feel the beauty? Our senses often give us a clearer picture then any formulae.

This is an interesting question.

Much of what we learn is about the facts and the figures “BIG DATA! we just need to look at the design of all of the SHRM and CIPD examinations and much of the leadership literature!!

And yet the most dramatic contributions both positive and negative on the performance of any organization are how people FEEL – Yes Emotions!

  1. Culture – explains the way people are treated and made to feel
  2. Diversity or Inclusion – the mere fact that we are in or out of the “clique” makes us feel part or apart of the organization
  3. Behavior – makes us feel great or persecuted depending on how that behavior was demonstrated and enacted on us
  4. The Golden and the Platinum rule – speaks about how people are being treated.
  6. Love what you do do what you love – wow all about emotions and feelings

When asked what do I do as an HR professional the answer is simple.

I change behavior so that I can develop the organization to be the most profitable it can be; AND the people within that business can reach the height of their creativity.

Oh I hear you say we need data, we have to have safe practices, and we need to work within all legal employment constraints. OFF COURSE WE DO.

But when we forget that it is through the 6 points above that the real work is done then all we are doing is fiddling while Rome burns!! And HR has little value!

HR is about artistry lets not forget humans are people with emotions and focusing on that is the whole purpose of what we do. (For some of us!)

So HR needs artists, for it is they who will differentiate the good from the great and the Ok from the outstanding.

Which kind of HR are you?

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Today is about being great! – 2014 Here I come!

2014-Numbers-free-Happy-2014-New-Year-Image-WallpaperAs we approach another year in our lives – 2014 it is always a time to reflect!

Reflection is good but who we are is defined by what we do today and tomorrow

AND not for ourselves but for what we do for others.

It is true OK and FINE is good enough for many people. It will not change the world though.

For many people OK and FINE keeps them where they are today and that for some is simply surviving.

The human soul endures much heartache.

So while we think about our resolutions and what 2014 are all about here are some thoughts.

  • Developing positive relationships every day develops positive heart connections
    • Do a kind act whenever you can
  • Nothing ever really happens without someone else
    • So thank them
  • It has never been about ME
    • Remember there are others too who got you where you are
  • Remember that if you are not about achieving GREAT
    • You will always give lesser than those around you deserve
  • Trusting to be different
    • Brings excitement and energy to all who know you
  • Faith overcomes fear
    • Know that going into the unknown is life

Let’s make 2014 a great year for someone else for when we can do that we know there was a purpose and know

when we did this we also achieved more than we thought for ourselves.


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Not today!!

tomorrowHow many times do you hear that? It seems that people say that for a number of reasons. What is yours?

  • I cannot be bothered
  • I am too tired to think about what you are wanting from me
  • I am not going to because I don’t want to and you want me too.
  • Just because

I am sure there are many more.  We have all been there, but what does it say about you.

Sometimes we need to just give more! Sometimes we just need to think of what the other person needs. Sometimes we only want to do what we want.

Remember though that there might be a time when you regret not going a little further.

We might just have to reflect on something incredible that we missed because we used those two words.

We can all think of saying those two words to our kids when they asked us to do something and let’s remember their faces.

Adults just get better at hiding their feelings. Feelings, that is there just the same.

And remember tomorrow never comes. And there are only so many tomorrows given to each of us in our lifetime


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Maybe the world doesn't give us lemons?


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