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The me that is me is all that I am and all that I am is me;
For the me that I am is the me that you know and I hope its enough for you too.

For the life that I will have will contain the me that will be and the me that I am must grow;

And the growing that I must do will determine the life that I must live, and I hope it’s enough for me.. and for you.

When my life has been lived and the hope in me reflects that I have done worthwhile things;

For the me that I became the world that I made, I hope that I was worthy of you.

June 2019

Take what you learned in life


Use the talent you were given to develop the talent in others

Do something that inspires those around you

Tell stories that develop children into wonderful people

Teach others that faith conquers fear

Use the wisdom you have to build energy in everything you do

Use the skills you have to build communities

Know that the love you share fills the hearts of others

Share knowledge to develop goodness

Use your heart and mind to assume innocence

Use what you have learned all of your life to nurture and care the life you have left


Know that your life is blessed when you do something for those less advantaged





Don’t rush into training! – Investment – Cost – Feel Good?

The number of times people tell me. “That training was a waste of time.”

It has never failed to bemuse me the organizations’ that proudly state the percentage of training dollars they spend every year.

It is like a proud boast that they put monies aside to develop their people. Is it feel good, a cost or an investment? Can you really afford to spend money and not get a return on it? Where is the ROI?

My question is WHY?

It is rare that I have discussed this issue with business and find they actually know why they send people on training programs AND evaluate the effectiveness of the training.

Now effectiveness is an interesting word so I will summarize what SHOULD happen.

  • Has a business case proposal been pulled together BEFORE the training is identified. How has it been prioritized with other key training needs?
    • “We go on training but there is little prioritization as there is no evaluation of what is the most important thing we need to focus on. They say it’s all important.”
  • Has there been an effective review of the different types of training that would meet your needs?
    • “Someone said look at a catalogue or a flyer came across my desk and we thought it looked good. We did not do any real research.”
  • How has the training been aligned to the goals and targets of the individual being sent on the training?
    • “ My boss said I needed to learn this…and that was how I went to that specific training. We did not look at anything in specific terms.”
  • How are you going to measure that the training actually met the needs you IDENTIFIED BEFORE YOU DID THE TRAINING?
    • “ We didn’t actually talk about how we would measure what would improve when I came back from training. In fact all that happened was I was asked. Was it good and did I enjoy it.”
  • How do you evaluate the training so that others may go there?
    • “There is no rhyme or reason as to what training people go on. There is no training log that references’ with notes for other employees to review.”
  • Does your expectation of the training meet the culture of your organization?
    • “I tried to implement what I learned but got nowhere, no-one else was interested in making the changes that I learned that would improve what we did.”
  • When will you actually use what you just learned?
    • “ I went on the training course but I never did put anything into practice.”
  • When you put that new technology capital RFP together did you include the costs of training?
    • “We got all this new technology but the training to use it was minimal so it took us a long time to make the best of it.”

Remember Training without context; purpose or immediate relevance is often wasted.

Before embarking on training look at this checklist. It will ensure investment and focus!

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Curiosity killed the cat but made a GREAT leader

There is a fundamental logic to this being THE most fundamental of core leadership competences.

Without it there is:

  1. No desire to learn
  2. No desire to do anything new
  3. No desire to do anything different
  4. No desire to wanna be…
  5. NO desire…..

The list goes on and you can add much more.

The problem also is that much of life depends on the need to have a mind that wants to know more not less. To create more to be more. I have never met anyone who in every way of their being wanted to stay where they are. There is always something.

A GREAT leader I have found needs more than anything to want to know the what, how and the when, and in doing so they know that they need more than themselves to achieve and deliver.

Curiosity without the “doing” simply gives learning.

Doing without “learning” makes for more of the same.

“More of the same” defines a life that does not teach.

“Lack of teaching” creates a long life of sameness.

“Sameness” is not what we want for our children.

We all want the very best for our loved ones.

There are those who simply want to be who they are no more, no less. That is ok for them.

Everyone has something to offer, GREAT Leaders continue to develop everything and everyone around them continually and always.

GREAT leaders know it is their mission to develop and create, nurture and flourish, develop and ignite passion.

GREAT leaders understand that developing the mind and soul and heart is what they need to do.

Is that not the gift we were all given? Is that not the gift we cannot waste?

People are too important…..  GREAT Leaders know this


The 4 Stages of Leadership – The Path to Recovery!

The 4 Stages of Leadership – The Path to Recovery!.


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