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Leadership – It’s not what I do but who I am

Where does inspirational leadership come from?

Where do we get that “identity” that people talk about?

The values, behaviors, the courage, the sense of being rather than doing.

I lead as an expression of who I am not what I do!

I must always be more than my leadership role. I am more than the CEO of my business role.

People see us in our “visible” role. What they really seek is how we live in our invisible consciousness. That which comes from our faith and beliefs, our integrity, our spiritual personality.

Leadership thoughts to live by:

  1. Do not play at being a leader live to serve others
  2. Commit fully to being a leader through learning from all around us
  3. Be truthful to all and listen to everyone, not just those who have influence to advance our career
  4. Do not speak thoughts that people want to hear, listen to those whispers that advance our spiritual calling
  5. Understand that leadership is a gift and is not ours to own
  6. Do not become the “character of being a leader” Be who you really are
  7. Listen to those who will “ground you” for they have your soul in mind
  8. Let us know that what we do, we do for the best of our family, friends and the well being of all
  9. Let us always remember where the roleof leadership starts and ends and that we all have other important life goals to play
  10.  Remind ourselves that we must use our gift as a leader wisely

I have been reading a book that I keep close to me. It gives me inspiration!

It’s called Leadership Prayers. The author is Richard Kreigbaum.


Why HR people need to go HOME!

Why?  Well if they did they would.

Humanize all that their business does through creative culture “feel” and plain talking

Oversee and create the strategic human capital that all business needs in the plans

Move from being welfare and benefits to being a businessperson first and all the way through

Engage their employees with intentional focus on mission and margin

The power of real appreciation!

Many of us speak to thanking our coworkers and it surely is a powerful thing to do, done for the right reason and from your soul!

We have convinced ourselves that positive appreciation is a “good thing to do.”

We see thank you cards and “HR “appreciation programs abound.

What have we come to?

Why is it that the simplest form of gratitude has to be “systemized” and brought down to a procedure?

I have seen them, worked them, introduced them and you know what? I ask do they really work?

The answer off course is yes AND no. Why? Well because it matters little if it is part of an organized way of doing things.

There is no surprise; its tacky and its an “expected part of the way we do things to engage people” there is indeed a negative connotation when you do not get it.

Let’s get real; what does a stack of “company thank you cards” really do for you?

What I want to see is the power of a real thank you. One that comes from the heart and you can FEEL it. Capture that in your business culture!! Now you have something!

If you have to make it into a program then what does that say about your organization?

The power of an unexpected, spontaneous and heartfelt smile is infectious and is remembered for a long long time. The cards? Well maybe.

Building culture is about building instinctive human values that form because they are the right things to do, and those never need a procedure or policy or process.


HR Goes to the RACES!

Labor day – Parades, Parties and put away your whites!

In my blogs I talk much about culture and tradition and what makes us who we are!

So for this blog I did some researching to honor this long time American tradition.

Labor Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers.

Oregon was the first state to make it a holiday in 1887.

The September date was originally chosen by the CLU of New York.

So here is what happens on all American Labor Day.

  1. Labor day street parades and family cook outs
  2. Families coming together with neighbors
  3. A day free of work for many
  4. The fair comes to town
  5. The last summer party before going back to school
  6. Marks the end of summer

And for all women of fashion pack away your whites until next year.

Thanks to the following for the inspiring the idea for this blog.

For more interesting information about the history of Labor Day please read: – s134643&title=Canadian_Origin



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