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Are you doing all the right things to keep your employees?

Keeping your (Productive) employees should be at the top of your daily list.

Productive, effective employees that are motivated; give better customer service, up your sales, are more involved and stay longer with the company!

(And if they don’t your, training and development just became an expense)

Here is my top ten list:

  1. Money does motivates and when it doesn’t it de-motivates!! It is as simple as that! Pay your employees their worth don’t take advantage of them.
  2. Constantly share information with them, don’t keep them in the dark!  The more they know the more valuable they will feel and understand what they are supposed to do.
  3. Clear job duties, accountabilities and goals are a must!  Your employees need to know who is doing what; clears up of a lot of misunderstandings and duplication.
  4.  Ask you employees for feedback, who knows better what is going on than your employees.
  5. Challenge your employees, give them ownership of projects, and let them soar!  They will feel more trusted and included. They will become loyal to you for giving them the opportunity.
  6.  Give your employees room for growth; job training opportunities, day conferences, projects, and REAL tasks.  This will show value, and growth.
  7. Encourage teamwork, group and inter department projects; give them a reason to work together.
  8. Manage from distance.  Having the boss looking over your shoulder is stressful.
  9. Coach your employees.  Instead of ordering them around, do this, do that, coach them to take responsibility.  Great leaders coach and they create a leadership environment.
  10. Fire the losers!  They will spread negativity like wild fire!  This very action will actually grow respect among your employees. Having someone around just collecting the paycheck is frustrating for your team.

Remember one of the most important qualities is to let others grow. It is not your right to hang on to everything, or that it must be done your way, or you have to give all the solutions.

Original idea from Sister Mae I and a conversation with HRMexplorer

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Don’t rush into training! – Investment – Cost – Feel Good?

The number of times people tell me. “That training was a waste of time.”

It has never failed to bemuse me the organizations’ that proudly state the percentage of training dollars they spend every year.

It is like a proud boast that they put monies aside to develop their people. Is it feel good, a cost or an investment? Can you really afford to spend money and not get a return on it? Where is the ROI?

My question is WHY?

It is rare that I have discussed this issue with business and find they actually know why they send people on training programs AND evaluate the effectiveness of the training.

Now effectiveness is an interesting word so I will summarize what SHOULD happen.

  • Has a business case proposal been pulled together BEFORE the training is identified. How has it been prioritized with other key training needs?
    • “We go on training but there is little prioritization as there is no evaluation of what is the most important thing we need to focus on. They say it’s all important.”
  • Has there been an effective review of the different types of training that would meet your needs?
    • “Someone said look at a catalogue or a flyer came across my desk and we thought it looked good. We did not do any real research.”
  • How has the training been aligned to the goals and targets of the individual being sent on the training?
    • “ My boss said I needed to learn this…and that was how I went to that specific training. We did not look at anything in specific terms.”
  • How are you going to measure that the training actually met the needs you IDENTIFIED BEFORE YOU DID THE TRAINING?
    • “ We didn’t actually talk about how we would measure what would improve when I came back from training. In fact all that happened was I was asked. Was it good and did I enjoy it.”
  • How do you evaluate the training so that others may go there?
    • “There is no rhyme or reason as to what training people go on. There is no training log that references’ with notes for other employees to review.”
  • Does your expectation of the training meet the culture of your organization?
    • “I tried to implement what I learned but got nowhere, no-one else was interested in making the changes that I learned that would improve what we did.”
  • When will you actually use what you just learned?
    • “ I went on the training course but I never did put anything into practice.”
  • When you put that new technology capital RFP together did you include the costs of training?
    • “We got all this new technology but the training to use it was minimal so it took us a long time to make the best of it.”

Remember Training without context; purpose or immediate relevance is often wasted.

Before embarking on training look at this checklist. It will ensure investment and focus!

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Big Hat no Cattle – is this still HR?

In doing some research I came across an article back in 1981 in the Harvard Business Review.

The story struck me in that I continue to think there is still too much conversation in the HR coffee houses about the need to be an “executive” without having done the grunt work.

How many HR folks have run anything.  Like the guy with the big hat, probably never had run a cattle farm, but that hat looks Oh so cool!

Is this why most HR folk continue to “hide behind” the safe practices of working on being “employee” compliant and handling day-to-day administration?

Its solid work of that there is no question. It always was and always will be.

It is a sucky role and will never be of significant value.

It will not develop a business strategy or make your business or people grow exponentially.

It will not make you a leader and it will never make you the best in anything.

Too many conversations are about HR wannabe conversations and expectations without earning the right through having done the “grunt” work.

Or of actually having done the job themselves, too many HR folk continue to want to tell other people what they need to do and yet have never done it themselves!

It’s not about expectations to be in the executive role it is about earning the right!! When you do that you never have to apply for the job or even ask!



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