Is 2011 Ready for ME!

This is the time of year when we start to think about what we want to achieve in the year ahead.

We set our goals and resolutions only to find that most fall short of what we were so determined to do.

So what started this blog?

I spontaneously sent out a replying tweet out to @PinkOliveFamily – (Susan Kang Nam) saying “is 2011 ready for me? :)”

Talk about fate or karma! Susan and I got on the phone and she inspired me to think some more about that tweet and she is great at getting you thinking. I am sure we started a conversation that will last!

So what did I mean?

  • 2011 will not be the same as 2010. I remember not achieving many of the things that I wanted to because a number of situations stopped or slowed me up along the way.
    • I have learned that my instincts, knowledge and awareness give invaluable insights that I must not ignore or set aside and I must reinforce them so that I can overcome future constraints.
  • Some of the special people I met in 2010 have encouraged me to use my talents and gifts.
    • I will remember that being inspired by friends is a gift of itself, and that I must use my talents and gifts for good purpose and thus 2011 will see me attain achievements not attainable before.
  • I remind myself that I am accountable for what I do, and to be accountable means having the courage and persistence to do things when others are uncertain, are not in agreement or tell you that what you say is not popular.
    • I need to reflect that to think differently and to challenge is not so bad and is indeed necessary for change, and I am encouraged to continue to do so. To do otherwise is to maintain the norm.
  • That a “can do attitude” is not only essential but also critical to business today and it matters not that others say,  “it’s not my job”.
    • That my talent to see the “art of the possible” is not so common and I must use it.
  • That to think differently about how my profession must grow is essential.
    • I know that a different approach offers much richness and inclusiveness to any conversation, and not to make my voice heard productively would be to diminish the profession and myself.
  • That passion and voice when combined offers edginess, which sometimes makes others uncomfortable.
    • I understand and know that passion and voice together are necessary to achieve new thinking.
  • That conversations need to include different opinions to gain new ways of understanding.
    • That differing opinions provide a basis for positive conflict and airing of differences and that those differences will bring together common understanding.
  • That being a leader often calls me to consider what is necessary and essential for the greater good of the work that I do and for whom I do that work.
    • That I must be true to the cause and be authentic and transparent and have the courage to be so.

In writing this I am mindful that many others could have written it with similar sentiments.

So let’s look forward to 2011. Indeed, let’s welcome the year in with open arms and minds and make it OUR year.

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  1. Hello Peter,

    I came to your blog to read something else but decided to see the other blogs and I’m so glad I did. This is truly inspiring.

    I was having a discussion with a senior friend of mine who is a very experienced business coach and reading your article reinforced a number of questions she asked me.

    Well done and yes, remain true to the cause and the profession.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Keeping the faith and reflecting and pausing helps each of us take care of our inner self. It is so true that unless you look after yourself there is little that you can do for others.

  2. Peter,

    I am truly honored to have inspired you to write this post esp. beginning of 2011. What I appreciate about you is your style of speaking your mind. To me from my sincere observation is that HR industry is a tough one ~ and in midst of transition. I believe that strong voice can be looked up both positive & negative way however with the right intention & style, it can go far. I have no doubt for your brighter 2011 ahead and so happy to have connected with you via Twitter. Here is to “your” success & btw.. I really like your sub-heading on your blog –

    “Highly Successful, Engaging HR and Business Professional –
    Delivers higher profits and performance”

    You speak the business language that I expect many C exec. can understand – it’s about the bottom line & ROI. Many may fear the change because it doesn’t meet their quota. I hope things will “change” for good (or perhaps improve) in how we communicate esp. via utilizing social media for years to come.

    All the Best!

    Susan Kang Nam

    • Thanks Susan. Your comments humble me, and I am reminded that to be someone who wishes to look at things through a different lens is to offer opportunities for discussion and authentic sharing of beliefs. Thank you for your support and words of encouragement.

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR from scotland PETER you are still my oldest friend

  4. I think there is just enough “I” in Peter’s comments.

    There has to be “I” well understood before there can be productive “WE”.

    I like you comments and your sentiment, Peter. I wish you well and look forward to updates.

    • Thanks Nancy I do believe in high accountability. There is no doubt that teams will develop productive solutions through effective leadership and self directed teaming. Thanks for your kind words. Lets keep in touch.

  5. Peter,

    I was reading a book earlier today that said that the “I” word was not allowed at her place of work, the “I” standing for “Impossible”.

    One of our New Year’s resolutions this year should be to believe that Nothing is Impossible, if we want it enough.

    Our New Year, 2011, is full of promise and possibilities.

    Thank you Peter.

    Vicki Long
    Marketing Solutions

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