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The 4 stages of leadership – The platform to sustained transition









I like to identify with people.  For they are life.

When I originally drafted my 4 stages of leadership in 2012 I was working at a Drug Rehabilitation Center in Upper New York in my Human Resources Operational role.

Those 12 months changed my life.

That’s where I found real leadership change. Not from the obvious sources. Not from books but from seeing human souls change, and that’s a wonderful and ever lasting experience.

It came from those who needed to change, for them there was no where else to go, for them to change who they were, what they had becomes was the only way for a future.

Leadership comes from within but it is more than that it comes because somewhere along the way often there are people who can help you “see the new path”. The strength in you is to embrace it.

Internal fortitude is realized and sustained when there is an awakening of the soul that we all need help in our lives.

And the quality of the life we create is about the relationships we build the memories we make, the laughter the tears and hugs and the friendships.

For many who follow the “12 steps” there has to be a burning desire to become someone else, a better self. I found that the 12 steps are a source of thoughtful reading that we could all do well to read.

After all we are all in need of some “rehabilitation”.

I found that the road to recovery questions the very essence, the very being of a human soul.

I also found and admired the counsellors who became mentors and the support system and the role that they took in changing lives.

I found the path to REAL LEADERSHIP is no different for any of us.

I dedicate this posting to all the souls who have travelled down the path of recovery and come out the other side for they learned that leadership comes from within but much more they are the leaders who change the world.

This is also a thoughtful reminder to those who I had the pleasure and privilege to work with in Saranac Lake, NY. For you truly change lives and change the world! You do blessed work.


HRMexplorer – 2016

Take no credit take no blame

NO-blameWe encourage people to give of their very best.

It means that we want people to take the initiative to make changes.

It takes courage to do that. They are often alone, isolated from the rest.

It does not always work out, it does not mean they should stop.

The character we face within is not to blame ourselves when it did not work out.

The character we face within is not to take credit when it did work out.

The character we are is to know we make a difference.

 HRMexplorer and Sister Mae I

 Picture courtesy :NOblame

The 4 Stages of Leadership – The Path to Recovery!

I like to read.

I like to identify with people

I am HUMAN  Resources


So when I started to research into the world of drugs and alcoholism.

I found that the road to recovery questions the very essence, the very being of a human soul.

I found the path to REAL LEADERSHIP is not very different

Dedicated to all the souls who have been down the path of recovery and come out the other side for they learned that leadership comes from within.

HRMexplorer 2012


When coping with “different” is a lonely place.

We read all the time about people being “ engaged” it’s a buzzword and it’s around all the professional employee surveys and the business community.

What we all want is that “engaged” employee! They can help us achieve greatness and move on. After all we are told if we don’t change we are moving backwards!

Its simple really, we want people to like what they love and then transfer their love to the work they do.

I really enjoyed the book by John Gordon – “ Soup” one of the special ingredients’ he talks about is love. I tested that theory with a couple of friends who had baked the same blueberry cake at a BBQ party.

Why with the same ingredients did they taste different and they never tasted the same twice made!

They said “When we have time to bake we know we take more care and put more love into our work and it does make a difference”!

When I speak to new hires I talk about their absolute need to bring their hearts and minds and their spirit to the work they do at the hospital where I worked.

I say it makes no difference whether you are a direct care giver or you wash the floors, its how you go about doing what you do that will be noticed by the patients and their families and its all important, and all of what we do is part of the experience for all who come for care.

The only thing that really differentiates business and much else for that matter are the people.

We all know that and in his book the “Dream Manager “ Mathew Kelley said that we will only become a really successful organization (community) “when the people who work there become better versions of themselves” for it is they that will make us what we can ever dream to be.

I talk much about change to people in the work I do and yet I find that many people find “different” to be a big enough challenge. Whether it is a different office, a different phone line or a new job some distance away from there loved ones.

We are all creatures of habit. Yet all our habits are different and that’s why we need to inspire the hearts and minds and then all else will follow.

What I know from recent conversations is that it’s a lonely world giving of your self and sacrificing things that you love and I also know that we must not forget that simply moving into the world of “different” can be just as hard as the world of “change”.

It’s our job to notice these things and be there to support our friends and colleagues and to give our love and support.

At the end of the day our greatest quality and gift is love. Yet its not often that we see that as a guiding behavior or value or competence….


With all the talk about loss of confidence and trust of senior leaders. Is HR part of the problem or the solution?

I asked this question and had the following comments. They varied as you can see what would your comments be?

1. The HR function should assume a role of being the custodian of the business strategy and associated Values and Behaviors and never vary the standard even if it means a job loss.

2. HR practices should be applied consistently to make sure that the current generation of leaders be replaced systematically by a new generation of emerging leaders with no trauma for an organizations’ viability.

That way entrenchment does not occur.

3. A mentoring culture where experienced leaders work share the consistency of the values and behaviors to the next generation of younger professionals. Mentor –Custodian- Champions are created.

4. HR should handle *only* that which they are best suited to handle: recruiting (getting the human resources in) and benefits. (So to directly answer your query – nothing.

5. I think HR is responsible only in that perhaps they hired the wrong person into a leadership position. (However, the individual who accepts that responsibility is ultimately responsible for his actions.)

6. HR “As change leaders” is responsible for developing the culture of the organization and understanding why this is occurring. We “HR” may be part of the problem!

Well there you have it what do you think? Is HR part of the problem or the solution and what would you do?



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