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Penalty kicks don’t count! – Who do you go to in the final seconds of your game?

Watching my favorite college team Michigan State on Saturday made me think how do we want to play the game, love our loved ones, do our jobs, live our life?

  1. Do we lead from the front or follow the crowd.
  2. Do we want the dust in our face or the breeze?
  3. Do we walk the same path or explore new ones,
  4. Do we take the offense on the field or do we play off the mistakes of others.
  5. Do we create a vision or do we follow one.
  6. Do we create the rules or follow them.
  7. Do we live to be loved or do we love to live.

There are many who will knock you down, say to you please don’t rock the boat, or it will never work.

That’s ok, because we are all different and have the right to be who we want to be.

Remember though, who is it you go to when the chips are down, when you know that doing the same things gets the same results.

Is it those with the passion and the desire to live differently, those that challenge the norm, say it can be done we just need to figure out how.

Is it those that care about you and not who they are. Those who understand what leadership and love and life are really all about.

I would love to hear your comments and experiences.

HR folks just don’t get it and it’s getting old!

I have recently been speaking to CEO’s and this is what they want! (And it’s rare that they get it).

  1. HR folks who understand the business.
  2. HR folks who understand what the needs of their customers really are.
  3. HR folks who have run parts of business and therefore have credibility when giving advice to line managers.
  4. HR folks who “feel” the economics of their business environment and act and think like a CEO.
  5. HR folks who are not all about policies and procedures and are about developing a motivational culture and inclusiveness.
  6. HR folks who know how to develop and grow a business.
  7. HR Folks who know it’s about business, marketplace, community and product/service strategy. (Internal and external factors).


So it’s not about focusing on administration or benefits or hiring the right people!

These are givens, part of our toolkit. It’s like saying to a CFO “lets balance the books.”!!

HR is about creating, developing and implementing business solutions that increase bottom line profitability AND sustained performance.

Its getting old! We need to understand that we are Business first and Business last, that way we really are taking care of our employees and not always concentrating on cost reductions.


So lets stop talking about being business partners and start thinking business.


Understand that growing a business also grows the people.


Oh, and finally if HR doesn’t get it don’t expect anyone else!

“From small acorns do great Oak trees grow” Old saying

Picture of English Oak tree photo by John Elliott – Trees in an English Landscape

The way we spend our pennies defines who we are!

When you spend a penny more then you earn you have misery.

When you earn a penny more than you spend you are rich.

When you are penny wise and pound-foolish you are said to be crazy.

When you save every penny you are called “Scrooge”

When you give away every penny you have you are called philanthropic.

When you tithe 10% of our pennies we are said to be honoring God’s wishes.

We grow up to make as many pennies as possible. It’s a material world.

We say a penny for your thoughts. “In God we trust”

We all know there is more to this world then pennies and yet…

The penny is the smallest coin and what we do with it represents much of our values and who we are and how we live our lives.

Penny for your thoughts…..

The melodic journey of a job seeker – the new samba!

I met a job seeker who was desperately sad

She said that life was just terribly bad.

Every time she interviewed or wrote a letter

Someone said it could be done better.

So on to twitter she did go to find a different way

Only to find people who wanted her to pay.

For the help that she needed to plant the seeds

That would help her be a storyteller, and take away the weeds.

And then like a silver lining she came across, recruiters and others who said they would help

Give her advice and some skills and still keep some money under her belt.

They told her to go out, network and use the social mantra

But never forget to help others for this is the new relationship samba.

So go out there with head held high and become a firefly!

A note on Fireflies

When fireflies come into our lives they are there to guide us to ways of living that are more earth-friendly, and soul-friendly.

Fireflies teach us the value of living simply, and relying on our own inner voices for illumination.

Fireflies also come to us with a message of creativity, and remind us that our paths are made lighter by the beauty that we allow into our lives.

Grateful thanks to Avia Venefica whose notes on Fireflies these are.

Attributed to “Taken from Behind the Signs”

Avia, crafter of

Planting Perennials rather than Annuals. The changing face of Non Profit Agencies.

Staying on my gardening theme with this blog today I wanted to speak about a conversation regarding the work of Non Profits in the field of Human Services, but United Way in particular.

Let me say straight away that I am a passionate proponent of the values and mission of United Way and many of those agencies’. They do God’s work in horribly under resourced circumstances. Many unpaid volunteers doing significant work in their own time.

That is what brings me to tell you the story. I am personally highly engaged in the work we do. That’s why I ask the question. There are only limited resources so it is crucial we put it to good work.

What is it that we (United Way) really do? ADVOCATE – GIVE – VOLUNTEER does not get it, I asked and was told.

There is much good that goes on because of the fund raising efforts of United Way. Indeed many small volunteer agencies’ would not exist if it were not for the funding they receive each year. They depend on it!  So it has to go on! Yet the pot of money is getting smaller and more want to eat from it!

And yet, what more can United Way do – Fund Raise?  Are we simply the “Band Aid” for many of the social issues serviced by wonderful agencies and the work of thousands of volunteers?

Over the last few years, I ask, how much of our monies has been resourcing the consequences of social issues like poverty, teenage pregnancy, broken families, battered women, and so on, the list is long.  The answer is MOST OF IT.

So what do we need to do?

Plant the seeds of change and be the change!

Yes, we need to continue to fund the consequences of the current state of society. AND be the catalyst and voice of change, AND find the solutions with out partners AND make it happen!  AND do so with our network of agencies and social and human services teams, AND be RELENTLESS.

When do we do it?

The time is now.

How do we do it?

We will work with our agency partners, combine resources and talents and focus on what our aspirations are. Lets talk about our future state AND what we WILL do, not plan to do.

By channeling more of what we do on tackling the causes.

By uniting our individual strengths, characters, resources and passions and moving from process to outcomes.

By being more than a fundraiser and an advocate for change. We need to be the change that we wish to see in the world.  (Ghandi)

The Result?

Spend less on consequences and more on the causes – making a real and lasting difference. Planting perennials and not annuals.


Gesundheit - Rezepte - Reisen


Maybe the world doesn't give us lemons?


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