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The new Health care Model!

ambulaceatgravesideWe were recently passing a cemetery and saw an ambulance leaving the graveside.

The way things are going with our healthcare system the sad and yet real thought came to our mind!

Lets cut out the middle guy!

It’s sad but true our system is broken and it needs fixing.

Lets get back to real care,

Where there is community based care management of employees and families. For the young and the aged.

Otherwise what is a tongue in cheek blog becomes a reality.

America needs to wake up


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Courage 101 

couragecour·age noun – the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

“Courage is overrated!”

Think about it:  You only need to be courageous for 20 seconds at a time.

Do you know what you can do in 20 seconds?

*You can forgive in less than 20 seconds

*You can make a dreaded phone call

*You can jump into the cold water

*You can say “no”

*You can introduce yourself to a circle of strangers

*You can walk away from a tough conversation

*You can turn a prospect into a client

*You can send a “thank you” email

*You can text “I love you”

The most stressful part is the anticipation!  Everyone has it in them.

Just think of the breakthroughs you would have with 20 seconds of courage each day!

Just think! What would you do if you were not afraid?

Guest blogger:  dlanc


Pet Care or Health Care who gets the best Care?

petcareWe went to take our two dogs  “Scottie and Sophie” to the vets for their annual check up this week.

The scene at the Vets:

Oh guys it’s so good to see you lets see how you have been doing!

Get up on the scales and lets weigh you.

Lets check that heart and make sure you are all ok.

And so their check -up went. They had their full physical, eyes, blood work etc. etc.

The whole visit ended with some nice dog chews and  conversations about dogs and other animals and life.

Now compare this with when we go to the doctors or the hospital.

Good morning, before we proceed do you have insurance….

Need I say more?


Who will come to your funeral?

What-Will-People-SayIt has been a thoughtful week for me. A different kind of thoughtful.

I have been to four funerals. Not a typical week thank goodness.

When I looked around in those churches I am mindful of what is said about the people who are being celebrated.

What they did in their lives, who they were, and who really loved them.

Our lives are mixed with stuff that has little consequence.

We give too much energy away to those who want to take.

We pay too much attention to those who want to throw stones and take away our energy.

Those who all to often talk and judge and add no value to the community they criticize.

Those whose soul is sad.

Going to funerals is not what we look forward to, but it is a reminder of the character we leave behind, the father the mother the son the daughter. The soldier the sailor the airman the firefighter.  All are heroes to someone.

So when we move on to the next life, what life and memories do we leave behind?

And did we make a real positive difference to others who we met along the way.

What will people say about you?



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