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Steps for Success in Life and in Business

Be Ambitious

All teams need ambition.  Otherwise you’re team and business is dead!  The saying “if we build they will come” wrong!  Once was true and now no longer so!

You have to have ambition, goals, determination and “reality distortion”. (Steve Jobs)


Input is welcomed! Indeed essential. Communication is about the “art of being understood”  (Peter Ustinov) Hearing but more importantly listening to what your customer wants, needs, and is willing to pay for.

Encourage your customers to give their opinions, have open minded brainstorming sessions with them, and listen! Importantly find out what it is they need to make them a success.

Get rid of the Weeds

Every garden has weeds, if you don’t keep your garden clear of these weeds, they will take over.  Get rid of negative people; focus on positive, dedicated, and hard working people. No room for negativity!

Hire “artists” (Seth Godin) for they will weave a tapestry of magic surrounding the delivery of your mission and culture.

Work Hard-Play Hard
- Encourage More

Recognize those employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Yes, they get a paycheck, but our younger generation needs that boost.

Acknowledge their hard work with a thank you note or just say “Thank You”.  Acknowledgement goes a long way and is always worth more than the value of a dollar!


People like to do business with people they know and more importantly like.  Take every opportunity to attend a networking event, like a community program, or luncheon.  Meeting new people often leads to new consumers! Relationships are everything!

Exquisite Customer Delight

Never forget that our legacy is to leave our customers with a product or service that they never knew they wanted or needed but once you gave it to them they cannot be without.

Inspired by a coffee house conversation between Sister Mae I and HRMexplorer @2012


Success is not measured by Money!

Are you a successful person in your professional and personal life?

How would you answer these questions at the end of each day?

1.     Have I said “I love you” to my loved ones?

2.     Have I helped someone less fortunate?

3.     Have I done something today to improve my community?

4.     Have I eaten healthy today?

5.     Have I exercised today?

6.     Have I avoided unkind words?

7.     Have I helped my business grow?

8.     Have I said “Thank You” God for keeping me & my family healthy?

9.     Have I left my job at the end of the day feeling satisfied?

10. Have I savored my memories of the day?

Live a life that gives more, takes less, and develop those all around you – leave a legacy.

Take control of your life, your family, your work; realize what is really important to you.

Success is not measured by money, it is measured by gratitude.

The results of these 10 questions, they will amaze you!

Guest Blogger:  Sister Mae I



Cultivating for Success!

There was a farmer in Eastern Michigan who had won “The Best Corn Award” at State Fairs four years in a row.

This was unheard of, so the local news media wanted to interview him.

The reporter asked, “What is your secret?” “Where did you get this special seed from?”

The farmer said,  ““I developed it” after years of farming, I developed a type of seed that will produce award-winning crops.  You now see the fruits of my nurturing.”

The reporter asked, “are you going to share it with your neighbors?”

The farmer said, “Absolutely!”

The reporter taken aback asked, “Why in the world would you share your award winning corn seed with your neighbors?”

The farmer said, “Well, you’ve got to understand how corn is pollinated. “

“It’s pollinated from neighboring fields.  And if you’ve got fields around you that don’t have this top-quality corn, your field is not going to grow top-quality corn either.”

“So if my neighbors’ fields grow really strong corn, I will have awesome corn.  And that’s how I’ve won the “Best Corn Award” for the last four years.

The moral:

Cultivate business partners.  Build communities. Surround yourself with people that are motivated, creative, and enthusiastic,

nurture and develop them to be their very best, inspire them and all those around you, have good business sense and share for then you will reap a bountiful harvest.

Guest Blogger:  Mother Mae I

and HRMexplorer

Resource:  Givers Gain (The BNI Story)



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