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A community of giving and receiving are slowly becoming one.

Our town like many towns in America has a regular food truck coming to feed those that are less fortunate.

When it first started many people came shoving and barging each other, they wanted “their food”.

Often many came 8 hours early leaving their baskets at 6.00am and returning at 2.00pm when the truck doors opened.

Those early days were traumatic with folks yelling and shouting and fighting where people who came and stayed moved the baskets of other people down the line, of those who came put their baskets down and left.

Folks came and wanted food for “others” in the family. Leaving a line of potential folks with little as we counted them in.

Human selfishness was rank. Many do not have basic human relationship skills. All they have ever known is “take care of me…none else will”.

After a while and with “coaching” that the volunteers who show up every time don’t need to be dealing with this behavior an amazing thing happened.

They realized they were all the same; they came for food and the “line of waiting” created a line of very hungry people. Some waiting for many hours. They needed to act as one and appreciate what others did for them.

Miracles happen everywhere.

Today you will see people bringing what little food they have to pass around. Grills are lighted and folks help each other take the food to what vehicles some have. They bring warm clothes for those who have little to wear.

Today the community of giving and receiving are slowly becoming one.




Accept and Cherish!

cherishIt’s fathers’ day 2014

A time when many of us will have fond memories and for some not so fond.

Life will always throw as soft curves and sometimes not so soft.

It is often the ones we love that give us the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

In my deliberations each day I come across people who ask more questions then there answers.

Many are afraid of what they will hear but human nature takes us there all too often anyway.

We are curious creatures, us humans, it makes us reach the highest of achievements and takes us to places where there is deep consternation and pain.

Life as we know it is will always surprise us. That is what makes it so exciting and unpredictable.

If we all knew each day what the rest of our life would bring how would that define who we are?

Courage and character comes from meeting the challenges of the unknown and the challenges we never wanted.

Too many of our friends leave us each day whether it is through natural death, injury, or disease.

Sometimes we just need to believe in faith and simply accept and cherish what we have and make the best of things. It is only then that we will overcome the worst of things.



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