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The art and magic of the real Interview

theconversation!In discussion with a Romanian friend we touched on the topic of the Interview

My mind went to these phrases:

“Character develops with every conversation”.  “When minds meet extraordinary things can happen”.

“You can talk and you can listen but there can be little understanding”.

Now we all know about the different types of behavioral assessments and interview techniques.

Indeed there are assessments upon assessments that can develop the right questions to ask based on the profile you have set for a position. The Automated interview has landed!!

To me an interview is simply a conversation!  BUT it is a CONVERSATION!

Ah but my Romanian friend would say “yes but not so simple!

Indeed the art is in the conversation!

We have all been subjected to the dreaded interview. We have all been disappointed because they (THE OTHER PERSON!)simply did not understand what we had to offer.

The interview has a number of characteristics

  1. It gives permission to speak and indeed permission  to ask about “us”.
  2. It is a contract between “us” that is confidential.
  3. It speaks to a future that we hopefully can both share in.
  4. It is a platform and a springboard for two minds to develop a relationship of benefit to YOU and ME!
  5. It has a sensitivity that belies its very essence.
  6. It develops relationships whether long term or short term.
  7. It is the BRAND of how you do business and WHO you are!
  8. It can be the first step of many that creates a brilliant future and ideas that change the world.
  9. It starts with a simple Hello and the content is about heart and soul and the character you offer.
  10. It ends with the possibilities and prospects of opportunities.

The interview is only as good as the imagination and the ability of the people who sit down together with the intention of seeking the truth with minds that assumes innocence.

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Take what you learned in life


Use the talent you were given to develop the talent in others

Do something that inspires those around you

Tell stories that develop children into wonderful people

Teach others that faith conquers fear

Use the wisdom you have to build energy in everything you do

Use the skills you have to build communities

Know that the love you share fills the hearts of others

Share knowledge to develop goodness

Use your heart and mind to assume innocence

Use what you have learned all of your life to nurture and care the life you have left


Know that your life is blessed when you do something for those less advantaged





When growing up means losing our innocence

Love to a 5 year old little boy:
When my grandmother got arthritis , she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails anymore, so my grandfather does it for her all the time now.    He must really Love her!

Earning money to a six year old:
A six year old boy came over to watch the dogs, while I was working in the yard one Saturday, he was happy to know he was going to earn $2 for the hour.  When his playmate ask him to share it with her, he replied no, I worked for this money.  She said “well, it’s not much money anyway”!  The little boy said, “it’s more than you made today”!

For the love of children:
Recently I took a friend’s children to a craft day at the local toy store, they must have had strict orders not to ask me to buy anything.  So, before leaving to the store, they both looked at me and said, “you don’t have to buy us anything unless you want to”!  How could I not!

Sister Mae



Gesundheit - Rezepte - Reisen


be inspired to greatness

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