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“You GOT to be kiddin’ you’re in HR – Man that’s a cushy job!!“

A short story by HRMexplorer

Yup! I am I replied.

Come on what do you do? You have a great office, flashy expense account, talk ALL the time and play lots of golf.

What do YOU think I do?

That’s easy! You hire and fire people, give people tons of paper work to fill in, and you are all about RULES and REGULATIONS and COMPLIANCE. You screw up my benefit claims and get in the way of my promotions mostly.

Oh yea, you are also the nasty guy that everybody gets scared of when you turn up. Lets face it. You only show up when there is some thing bad about to happen.

You are like the Boogey Man! And you walk around the executive offices brown nosing with the CEO and the COO. You are always with those guys!

Well you are right and you are wrong! I do have to work on some of the stuff you mention. BUT that does not make us MONEY that just gives us GROUND RULES all businesses need.

I do connect with the CEO and COO – mostly talking about how we create a company that lasts and offers employment for a long time to come, one that also focuses on getting more customers and making sure they are taken care of.

You see if we can become the best we can as a business then people keep jobs, we hire new folks and we can pay the benefits we have and even give pay increases! It’s like a positive roller coaster ride! Only it’s a fun ride!

Kind of like having a cool DREAM or VISION.

By the way my job is to also work with lots of other people within the organization and even people outside. YES that includes some rounds of golf; mind you there are more meetings that are in offices that go way into the night!

Making connections and developing relationships that build the business is what I do. Then I have to work on figuring out how to make it happen.

 That is the hard and the exciting part!

That is the bit that differentiates people who go to work. Those who figure out what BUILDS rather than what MAINTAINS a business are the keepers!

This helps me figure out things and I get to understand how I can help the business and the people be the best they can be and more.  Figuring out what will give us the basis for an exciting business environment is the difference between a  “so so” and “go for more” business.

You are right off course; HR does have a reputation for firing people.

The thing is I haven’t fired anyone for years.  I have helped the businesses I work for make hundreds of thousands of dollars, I mentored people who got promoted, I got workforces pay increases and better benefit plans, we even hired more people.  We even built on new buildings and invested in new equipment. It wasn’t the same for others though.

You see not all HR people are the same. We do not all have the same book cover.

Some of us work hard at figuring out stuff that is not HR so that we get better at figuring out what HR should be doing. The thing of it is, is that it’s all HR, but most hasn’t figured it out. Just saying!!

Want to play some golf?

My truck does more for me than HR!

That was the start of our conversation!

I asked.

“What’s the problem?” (The culture/psychology enquirer in me!)

He said.

“Well you want the good news and the bad news story about my truck?”

Sure I said (getting ready for something compelling!)

“The good news is that the battery I bought has fixed the non-starting problems.

The bad news is that the negative battery cable is busted! And the day was going so well.”

I asked.

“So what has that got to do with your thoughts of HR and what is more important? “

(Waiting for something profound like career versus an old truck????)

He said.

Since my truck does more for me than HR…This!!

“Do you know he said that my new theme song for work is – “Hotel California”… You can check out but you can never leave!”

“As usual my place of employment has made it a banner week for me…. Career wise this is my worst week ever.”

Why is that I asked. (stupidly)

“I just applied for a new job at work. All I have to do is get through the first hurdle which is Catbert… (He. from Evil HR Director fame…) Catbert

Well how many more degrees do I need??? I asked HR – HR said let me look at the job spec!!

“My boss thinks I am ideal…but what does he know? I need to go through some “HR assessment.”

So I asked.

“You don’t have a warm feeling about HR? “(Was that a too obvious question?)

He said.

“I’m not drinking cause of the dentist I’m drinking cause I dislike many things about today.”

“I mean lets face it! Today work gave me a perfect attendance award because I didn’t use any personal or sick time last year… Used all my vacation though…

The award consisted of a certificate that a third grader would think is cheap and a water bottle that is so poorly designed that I’m actually ashamed to have it… I guess they want be to keep drinking the Kool-aid.”

Inspired by Frosty




A Talent for Performance – Performance through People

Wordle: Peter Lanc VP Human Resources

“An organization can only ever achieve its ultimate mission when we develop the people to give of their very best.”
Peter Lanc VP of Human Resources

Ever missed your turn off when driving and when are you going out of business?

I did, they did, and we did! We all have at some point on our journeys!

Why? : The leaders (those with the directions) were confusing; they did not really explain to us the way – there was no route map and they were not clear in their communications

Why? There were too many leaders/people telling us which way we should go – we were confused and we had mixed routes and messages, so you tell me what I should have done

Why? We did not have the courage to ask – We were never allowed to say things so it became a habit that we didn’t. Be quiet and get on with what you are doing

Why? We did no hold ourselves accountable for what we did – After a while we got used to being told what to do and so we stopped asking questions

Why? Because around here that is how we do things – it’s always a chance to get it right the second time so why bother going the extra mile the first time around

Why? It is never going to change – so what’s the point no one else does

We have all had these conversations. The question is not are you still having them but when are you going out of business!

There is a leader in all of us!

So much written, so much spoken.

John Adair said it when he said we are all leaders. He developed our thinking on situational/ action centered leadership.

He said it well and I think he said it best. We all have it (Leadership) within us when the situation calls and the time comes.

So this is dedicated to every one of us, the managers the followers, the rank and file, all employees whatever level or stage in your career. Whether you are at work or whether you are at home, whether in school or whether retired. We are all leaders, never let anyone say otherwise!

These are the characteristics within us that make us to be leaders.  These are the things that you do when you are at your best.

  • We take the lead and we show the way
  • We inspire others to reach levels within themselves they did not know existed or could imagine
  • We challenge the way we do things and we call for all to climb higher
  • We enable others and give them authority to attempt things they never did before
  • We encourage the heart and soul and to give voice
  • We are accountable and we take responsibility
  • We set new standards and we are the change
  • We have the courage within us to be who we are, so allow yourself to be that person, you do not need to ask for permission
  • In reality every one of us is a continuous learner. We were born to learn (and when the time comes to lead).

Leadership is all of our responsibility whether in life or in business.

We are all capable of developing ourselves and accepting the challenge.

And when we start at the bottom of our own personal mountain and stare up, know that we all started the journey with that first step.

Personal thanks for giving me the insights to write this blog to these gurus!

John Adair.

Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.



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