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My brain is my hard drive don’t clutter it up!! A New Years Resolution.

As we move into the New Year I can’t but help thinking that we all get bogged down along the way with too much clutter.

Clutter that distracts confuses and keeps us from what we really wanted to do and when we reflect we remind ourselves of all those resolutions we set ourselves and didn’t achieve.

So lets think of how we manage our very own hard drive in 2015.

  1. Lets keep in front and center – that which makes a real difference in our lives.
  2. Erase the remarks that people say to hurt us and drain our battery.
  3. Let’s not over sweat the small stuff, keep a clear picture of what’s important.
  4. Remember WHO and WHAT s important in our lives and take care of those things.
  5. Don’t fill our hard drive with STUFF that drains our time and energy.
  6. Recharge our hard drive by connecting with those who give us energy.
  7. Constantly refresh our hard drive for superior thinking and performance.
  8. Throw in the trash that which becomes redundant and obsolete.
  9. Constantly upgrade our hard drive through what we learn and what we experience.
  10. Remember what is in our hard drive determines the who the what and the how of ME.


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Is life a series of auto corrects?

autocorrectimageWas sitting sipping coffee with my lady wife this morning. It’s a cold and autumnal Sunday fall morning here in Michigan.

She was reading out the hilarious and embarrassing quotes from folks regarding their text messages.

There were screamers indeed. We have all been there, when the auto correct decides to say something we never meant to say, we blame it on sticky fingers, doing things too fast and not looking before we plunge the send button.

It’s a reminder that we can also laugh out ourselves, not taking things so seriously and simply having fun.

Life is full of unexpected surprises and the need to reflect and say its ok when we do the silliest of things makes us as much of who we are then the professionals we are.

Life is fun and let’s keeps it that way.

Inspired by my beautiful lady Doreen.

Drama and Trauma in the workplace and in Life!

On the door of my office is the following sign:

 “Enter Here

Where drama stops and real conversations of the heart begin

Where the development of you is first and always a priority”.

I have never met anyone who has not had to live with drama or trauma. So it is part of life and part of the living.

The number of times I have had conversations in my role as business/hr professional /confidant is countless.

 “My boss always pushes me to my limits”.

“I don’t think they hear the pressure I am under”.

“My relationship with…sucks”.

It makes me feel undervalued and not worthy. I am not being “seen or heard”.

I don’t have a voice! It is like I don’t exist.

I wonder how much is due to the perception of the person themselves on others.

Has there been any real attempt to  “understand the people they are talking about”!

All to often our past experiences continue to cloud how we think today. How co-workers treated us then has given us a mental model that it will always be like that wherever we go or work.

Many relationships are “frozen in the wrong moment”. A moment that has long gone and now so fixated in our mind it stops us seeing and being in the moment of now!

Few of us want to live in the past and for many leaving that behind will allow them to breathe fresh and renewed air and ENERGY. It is also fundamental in allowing us to regenerate our mind and spirit and take us on our journey to where we want to go into the future.

We have to stop thinking “as it was’ but pause and reflect as it HAS to be.

Life is for living and forming breathtaking relationships that are forever memorable!

Every day ask yourself how will I bring the best of me into what I do.

All too often we want to fix other people BEFORE we fix what we need to work on!

In Her book “ Healing Trauma” Patricia O’Gorman PHD offers us coping strategies to “Learn to Live in the moment” Her thoughts on the need for us all to “self Parent” reminds us of the need to take care of ourselves.

It would do us all a power of good to do some of what she calls “ Soothing exercises that repair and restore” and learning thought replacement.

Everyone who wants to get a kick-start by looking at how they can improve their own lives and All Human Resource folks and indeed “Managers of People” should read what she has to say. Sometimes the answers are not where we think they are!!

Reference and ideas taken from the book “ Healing Trauma” available at the following website:

The 4 Stages of Leadership – The Path to Recovery!

I like to read.

I like to identify with people

I am HUMAN  Resources


So when I started to research into the world of drugs and alcoholism.

I found that the road to recovery questions the very essence, the very being of a human soul.

I found the path to REAL LEADERSHIP is not very different

Dedicated to all the souls who have been down the path of recovery and come out the other side for they learned that leadership comes from within.

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The Soul and Song of a Leader

I have the great pleasure of introducing Darcy Aubin! Darcy has taken a leap of faith in herself. She is attending a Leadership Academy program.

She is doing it for herself. Something that Darcy does not often do. She is always thinking about others.

When you meet Darcy, you may not notice her, she is a self-deprecating and a quiet lady with a smile that would melt any heart. She is a wonderful mother and human being.

Few if any would know the depth of Darcy’s soul, passion and creativity. She goes about her work in such an unassuming way that other than that wonderful and beautiful smile she would go unnoticed by many.

She needs to be noticed, that is why I had the please of speaking with Darcy and she agreed to have her “letter” published on my blog site. It is my privilege, my honor.

“There, beneath the starry skies, beneath the trees, in the furthest corner of my mind is a feeling of content contemplation.

Of a past life unreachable and a current life that doesn’t sustain my inner ambitions.

My love for myself has indeed taken a hit. Wise people know to get back on that horse.

But. Am I wise?

I hope to be one day.

My heart is full, yet it longs for more.

To love without inhibition, to soar without contempt, to heal without new wounds.

To feel again, to breathe again, to be whole again.

This is my wish for myself.”

Darcy Aubin

Bloomingdale  NY

July 2012

Self portrait by Darcy


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