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The role of H.R. in Company Branding! – Delivering a competitive business edge!

It is clear from everything that we see around us that the need for great talent is still a critical issue for organizations. Despite high unemployment, key talent is always in shortage. Always was and always will be.

In addition there is the ever flattening of the globe when it comes to talent transfer across continents and market sectors. The” brain drain” is still very much with us!

I am noticing a new trend though and a new opportunity for H.R!

H.R. departments need to go out and hire a new type of specialist in their departments – “employer-employee” brand managers.

These folks will help you develop and design your “organizations people brand” and as a result attract the talent you really really need!! (Before your competitor is even at the starter block!)

For those H.R. Functions who want to be known for transformational thinking I give you the challenge, it is before you and it is now!

Hire your “Brand Manager” now!

Those who are fast off the mark! And hire these specialists will create a “competitive edge gap” for their business at least in the short term, others always attempt to catch up.

So if you want to attract the right talent and you want to find something that makes a business impact and bring some attention to what you do in your organization then here is an opportunity.

Do not wait; there are those organizations out there that have already figured this out.

Go on H.R. you know it makes sense!

What Leaders do when it is cold and snowing outside!

  • Think about how you can move from thought leader to “do -something powerful-leader.”
  • Think about your spiritual vulnerability and how you can stretch it in ways that will break the elastic.
  • Think about how you can use your instincts for they were given to you for a reason.
  • Think about what your inspiration means to you and build your leadership skills on your beliefs.
  • Remember your dreams, and remember that your destiny is to give inspiration to others, always, develop their gifts and make dreams possible.
  • Remember that Instinct, Inspiration, Insight, and Foresight are gifts that must be passed on.
  • Remember these things and you will know you have started on the journey of being a follower, the journey of true leadership.

H.R. …. Drivers of the Bus!

I, together with many others continue to talk and blog about what “HR could be.”

To continually ask the question what does “HR” want to be famous for?

Following a conversation with China Gorman yesterday we shared our passion and our continued focus on the ever-changing role of H.R. as a profession of  “businessperson first”, with the “tools of the HR trade” in their toolbox.

Two passionate business (H.R.) folk who understand and get it! That’s not enough though.

All who go into this profession need to understand the road map!

As always I like to tell a story to illustrate my point!

Imagine you are the bus driver.

1. Make sure you have a road map and a destination – when there is no map – “Discover and create the route-map- the way to reach your destination. Your job is to also know where you are going, you will often have to devise the route to get there though.”

2. Make sure you have enough good grade fuel for the journey – “Organizational energy is vital for success and you need to ensure that the energy created is positive and is sustained.”

3. Plot the stop over’s – rest breaks, food and potty breaks – “Ensure that all who work in your organization are engaged with each other as well as the business strategies, and they re-energize each other and themselves regularly and provide them with the “right environment.””

4. Always know that there are those who want to get off the bus or need to do so. (Fast!) –  “Ensure that only those who want to take the journey remain on board and that it is best for your team of travelers that those who don’t simply take a different journey.”

5. That taking detours along the way are good and are fun and are part of the journey – “that making the rules does not always mean they have to stay the same and that change demands nimbleness when it comes to policies and procedures and different methods of working.”

6. Make sure the one’s who say “Are we there yet?” are included in the journey. – “Ensure that everyone understands the mission and what their role is in making their customers want to return to their business.”

7. Always know that when you have done all of the above. Get back on the bus and gather your travelers for another road trip. The journey continues…

Nothing much is achieved without the sweat, tears and hard work of the daily grind and minutia. Leaders do all that!

Much is achieved though when you do all of this, and know that you are pioneers and leaders of the “hearts and minds of other human beings”

Remember there is little point in having a process where one part is world class and the other ordinary class. But that is the subject of another blog…

(You can find China on her website-blog: and on twitter:  @ChinaGorman

Is Business success down to “Process or People?”

I was having this conversation this morning with my wife and we were talking about what delivers great service to a customer or a patient.

I mean what really makes the difference?

We happen to have been somewhere recently and the level of attention was just plain awful.

So we got into a conversation about is it the process that is at “fault” or is it down to the people who work there. Is it down to the training or should people “have basic relationship skills?”

Should people have to have a procedure for basic customer facing relationships?

Is it down to the type of business i.e. a restaurant or a hospital, a supermarket or a small store?

Is there a difference between a large corporation and a small business owner?

We asked ourselves should we expect the same level of service whatever size of organization or the business they are in?

How often do we get bad service and ask ourselves why do those people work here? They clearly do not have “people skills.”

So what do you think?  Do we have expectations that differ in the way we are treated as people from business to business, from doctors office to a hospital, a car dealership to a store?

More importantly is it about process or behavior. I know some will say both but I want to hear what really really makes the difference in giving that customer or patient experience.

What are your thoughts and experiences on this one?

The silent and slippery road from Recruiter to Ecruiter. – A Business Health warning.

Seems with all the technology today, I was wondering whether this much-maligned profession beset with a great deal of criticism and disrespect has taken a “time out.”

There is much that is good and not so good in what we read, and yet that is so with many professions.

It’s not the profession, per say, I would suggest, I do however challenge you to take a radical look at the folk who you attract. I mean really take a look!

I suggest a  “creative overhaul” of the profession to meet the dynamic and changing environment in which you operate, your talent needs to engage in the change.

Like any business when the market environment in which it operates changes, it is time to do a re-evaluation. I challenge this vital professional service to do the same. That way you will stop using technology as your crutch and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Whether you are an internal of external recruiter you are only as good as the “business needs “feel” you have.” – Understand what the organization really needs. Understand the “real underlying talent need.

So when you start using all the clever “gadgetry’ that is available to talent recruiters, and eliminating the “personal touch of speaking to people” or simply relying on a clever filtering system or “sexy” ATS system and other stuff, just remember we stop needing humans!!

We are on the slow road of simply automating the role of a recruiter. Lets just build a clever algorithm that filters the candidate’s skills.

We are not far off from the “Ecruiter” that robotic and clever computer “person” who will do it all.

So the challenge is that recruiters need the skill of finding the diamond in the coal. That’s a Human instinct not found on a piece of paper, or in a computer process.

It has never been about writing the clever resume it has always been about talent mining!

Let’s keep recruitment where it makes the difference and has the real impact – high touch relationships, and remember the need for “high touch people skills.”


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