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U.S. Unemployment Rate is 9.1% so why can’t businesses find great employees?

Are we really helping them or ourselves?

Government assistance – promotes –  “Why work?”

Unemployment benefits – promotes – I can get by!

Meal trucks – promote – here is a hand out!

Thrift stores – promote – you do not need much money to put clothes on your back.

Church food and clothes drives – promote – community support for those who do not (want) the means to work.

National (WELL KNOWN)  Non profit agencies – fund current basic community needs and not anticipated solutions.

The questions I ask?

When are we going to stop putting the band-aid on and finding root cause solutions?

When are we going to start investing in our education, work ethics and self-respect to get people to want to work?

When are we going to educate our social, human and welfare services and many other “good will” agencies to stop their turf wars and work together to be more effective with the resources they have?

When are we going to redirect unemployment benefits and link them to job creation and work place volunteer programs?

When do we start focusing our attention to work regeneration AS PART of the support all of the above services give?

Lets face it 90% of folks are in work. Lets work on figuring out those who want a hand out instead of a hand up!

We need a plan like any business to move from current state to future state, but what we need is a plan  TO DO SOMETHING THAT BUILDS and a vision to make the change.

If we really cared, as I know we do, we would change the way we do things today and start expecting more of people.

Just because people do not have jobs, does not mean they have no desire or will or heart.

It also means that we must all be more effective in finding solutions to rebuild communities that have a future for our children.

There is no crime in being unemployed or poor or not have the luxuries in life.

The real crime is in not finding solutions and spending time on sticking plasters.

We may care but we do not know how to take care of the problems. Taking care is about solutions!

Source of blog idea:

The unemployment rate in the United States was last reported at 9.1 percent in September of 2011.


Caring does not mean having to take care.

Had a conversation with friends recently.

One of those great times we all have with a group of close friends.

Enjoying ourselves, having fun, telling each other fun stories that meander this way and that and then somehow and inevitably lands on a conversation about someone who we know who is having troubled times, someone who meant something to us in the past, perhaps a loved one, or someone who we had a close friendship with.

Then the reflections start. Moments of reflections all of us face. Our conversation becomes a little subdued.

We have all had them and what happens is we STOP doing what our instincts tell us to do. Another instinct kicks in, one that says protect yourself.

We really do care, there is little doubt, the strain on the faces show how much, we want to do something and yet….

Then we feel guilty!

Our mind plays games, we feel we are bad people and it never leaves us.

What if… and will we live to regret it one day when it is too late. Then we will feel awful.

The haunting is:

“I want to care, and I do care but I always end up taking care and I start resenting it.  It starts to make me a bad person and that’s not fair.

So now I have to protect myself from doing what I really feel.

We are not bad people because we think like this.

Board Game? What is that!!

Recently my neighbor was cleaning out a closet; she came across the board game “Twister”!

You know the big mat with the big circles of different colors, right foot blue, and left hand yellow!  Where you end up getting all twisted up with other players.

The game was still wrapped in plastic and she thought it would be a nice gift for the small children who lived next door.

She called the children over to the fence; (they are 6 and 4 years of age.)

“I have a game for you”!  She said with excitement in her voice.

“Oh what is it”?  They asked excitedly.

“It’s twister”!

“Is that a game we play on the TV”?


“Is it a game we play on the computer”?


Is it for my “Nintendo DS”!

No, it’s a board game.” My neighbor now sounding confused.

“What’s that”?   The kids asked beginning to lose interest in this whole conversation.

The point of this little story:

Twister became successful when Eva Gabor played it with Johnny Carson in the Johnny Carson Show in 1966.

The game went wild; played everywhere from Universities, schools, and homes and went global.  People aged 3 to 100 got the “bug”

Parents get your children off the computer and electronic games and play a board game.  Twister can still be purchased today! And it is a family game where everybody can play!! It is for all generations!

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