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My truck does more for me than HR!

That was the start of our conversation!

I asked.

“What’s the problem?” (The culture/psychology enquirer in me!)

He said.

“Well you want the good news and the bad news story about my truck?”

Sure I said (getting ready for something compelling!)

“The good news is that the battery I bought has fixed the non-starting problems.

The bad news is that the negative battery cable is busted! And the day was going so well.”

I asked.

“So what has that got to do with your thoughts of HR and what is more important? “

(Waiting for something profound like career versus an old truck????)

He said.

Since my truck does more for me than HR…This!!

“Do you know he said that my new theme song for work is – “Hotel California”… You can check out but you can never leave!”

“As usual my place of employment has made it a banner week for me…. Career wise this is my worst week ever.”

Why is that I asked. (stupidly)

“I just applied for a new job at work. All I have to do is get through the first hurdle which is Catbert… (He. from Evil HR Director fame…) Catbert

Well how many more degrees do I need??? I asked HR – HR said let me look at the job spec!!

“My boss thinks I am ideal…but what does he know? I need to go through some “HR assessment.”

So I asked.

“You don’t have a warm feeling about HR? “(Was that a too obvious question?)

He said.

“I’m not drinking cause of the dentist I’m drinking cause I dislike many things about today.”

“I mean lets face it! Today work gave me a perfect attendance award because I didn’t use any personal or sick time last year… Used all my vacation though…

The award consisted of a certificate that a third grader would think is cheap and a water bottle that is so poorly designed that I’m actually ashamed to have it… I guess they want me to keep drinking the Kool-aid.”

Inspired by Frosty


A catfish in all of us!

Just saw a movie documentary called catfish!

The scene at the end of this fascinating movie is such:

“Sitting on his front porch, Vince tells the story that gives the film its name. He claims that when live cod were shipped to Asia from North America, the fish’s inactivity in their tanks resulted in mushy flesh in the Asian markets.

Eventually, the fishermen discovered that putting catfish in the tanks with the cod kept them active. Vince feels that people like Angela are catfish, who keep other people active in life.

This is life!; we all need someone to nip at our tails from time to time.

We all need that motivational adrenaline kick. Or we would go to mush too.

Whatever the truth of the movie, it reminds us that we need to keep a fresh outlook on life or we will go stale.

Let’s go and find ourselves some catfish or be one our selves, we owe it to others and ourselves. Life is to short. So let’s find the Catfish in all of us

Is your glass half full or half empty?

Positive people see the glass half full – why?

Because they appreciate what they have and what can be!

They see what they can do with it, they will make it last and make it better. They see more.

Negative people see the glass as half empty – because they see what is gone.  They see an empty space. They see the problems and not the solutions. They see less.

The positive person will think:  I can survive longer, because I will drink slowly, I will savor, and it will last longer. And I can always find more when this is gone. I believe in what can be.

The negative person will think:  I am going to die, there is nothing left. It is hopeless and I know better so I am right. I know more than others. I do not believe in what can be.

The “negatives” disrupt teams working together!  “Negatives” look not on how they can improve but why you suck at what you do.

*Positive people will see a cathedral                 *Negative people will see only bricks

*Positive people will say great Job!                   *Negative people will say, “Why didn’t you…”

*Positive people will be the life of the party    *Negative people will not get invited to the party

So how do we handle the “half empty personalities?” do we shut them out, or do we challenge them in conversation?  Do we ignore or do we need to let them go?

You see these are the folks who relish in having triangular conversations.

They are the ones that talk behind our backs. They are the ones with little courage and huge egos.

They are the ones that kill culture and bully their employees. They are the ones that drain your energy. They are the ones that yell and think they are worth more.

Working with half empty personalities isn’t easy; they will suck the life out of you.  The momentum of your team will increasingly be challenged.

Negative people want to stir you up, “Push your Buttons”!

Don’t let them, smile, leave the room, don’t get caught up with it.

Then simply decide: can they change or do you need to change them by hiring those that fit!

Smile and know that you are not superior or better but know that they are the ones that life does not shine upon and where relationships wither

Remind yourself that you are the creators of the future and the ones that others will follow to become their very own leaders.

Sister Mae I and HRMexplorer


Success is not measured by Money!

Are you a successful person in your professional and personal life?

How would you answer these questions at the end of each day?

1.     Have I said “I love you” to my loved ones?

2.     Have I helped someone less fortunate?

3.     Have I done something today to improve my community?

4.     Have I eaten healthy today?

5.     Have I exercised today?

6.     Have I avoided unkind words?

7.     Have I helped my business grow?

8.     Have I said “Thank You” God for keeping me & my family healthy?

9.     Have I left my job at the end of the day feeling satisfied?

10. Have I savored my memories of the day?

Live a life that gives more, takes less, and develop those all around you – leave a legacy.

Take control of your life, your family, your work; realize what is really important to you.

Success is not measured by money, it is measured by gratitude.

The results of these 10 questions, they will amaze you!

Guest Blogger:  Sister Mae I



Creating positive memories

I just finished a radio blog show with a friend of mine Kelli Stapleton. Who has a great web site

Kelli has so many talents!!!

We were of all things talking about C-Sections.

As some of you know I am an HR professional and as Chief Human Resource Officer in a large Health System at one time I also ran OBGYN, Orthopedics and Occupational Medicine. AND that is how I got to speak on the show!!

During the talk show, Kelli reminded me of a time long before she was famous when as a neighbor my stepson, used to go and mow her lawn. Kelli will not mind me saying those were difficult times for her so when she backed over my lawn mower with her car the lawn mower looked like it had just been “squished by a giant.”

She has reminded me on several occasions since then that at she could hardly pull two pennies together to feed herself, husband and a growing family. We have all had those times.

I recall that she came to me tears rolling down her cheeks “ I will pay for a new one I am so sorry!!!!”

All I could do was to tell her not to worry and told her that I would create a “new walk” and limp in tandem with the now bent and buckled wheels of the mower!

Life has always been made up of the moments we live and share with others. It will always be so.

Kelli, I know that you would of somehow scraped the money together for a new mower.

You have given me much more though. You have given us a shared memory for the rest of our days.

One that we will always remember with fondness and with a smile.

So you see you did after all pay me back, but with something much more lasting and for that I will allays be in your debt.



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