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unleash-your-voice-the-storytellers-manifesto-by-Jeanette-LeBlancWhen leaders produce positive energy: They create rainbows, sunshine and an environment where golden innovative ideas and effective and lasting relationships are born and nurtured.

  • Leaders create a symphony for followers to each play a role that matters.
  • Leaders give blessings and know that positive recognition is fundamental to the soul.
  • Leaders understand and ask how can I serve you to help develop the best version of you.
  • Leaders understand they do not do it for themselves.
  • Leaders understand that their role is to teach, coach words that turn words into enabling powerful thoughts and actions.
  • Leaders create an inspirational powerful story that ignites imagination.

Leaders understand that they are powerful storytellers that change the world and that their voice is only one!


Hrmexplorer January 2016

Picture courtesy of The storytellers manifesto by Jeanette LeBlanc

When character and courage come together.

Being a leader or a manager of people (and much has been discussed about the difference) has never been about simply the role.

We all have had conversations about what we need to do or to be done. Conversations alone do not achieve anything.

I am here to say that there is much that is the same when we speak about the leader or the manager in us. Indeed the crucial sameness is what we need to aspire to attain, and that sameness outweighs all others.

It seems to me that in our soul we need to recognize that there are times when we have to meet our calling. When the very essence of our character is being challenged.

I have observed the following results and consequences:

Step one: When character and courage come together great things happen.

Step two: When character and courage and understanding come together greater things happen.

Step three:  When character and courage and understanding and passion come together extraordinary things happen.

Step four: When character, courage, understanding, passion, and one mission come together you can change the world and you know the change you wanted!

It seems to me that our role is to explain the dream and provide unbridled opportunity for people to excel and reach that dream, and along the way to provide opportunities.

The role of a leader is to understand:

  • What it takes to cherish and kindle souls, inspire people, and provide a walk way.
  • Understand also that it is they who will deliver.
  • That we cannot really lead others when we do not know the path ourselves.
  • That we cannot expect others to know the path when we ourselves are unclear.
  • We cannot develop others when we ourselves are uncertain.

It is only when we reach step four that we have provided directional leadership and focus for all followers. All other steps are achievable as individuals only step four brings oneness to an organization.

Is there such a thing as Constructive Criticism?

Or is it, “Hey, can I give you my opinion”? OR here are some ideas for next time?

Does constructive criticism lower the other person’s sense of value?

Are you judging their ability?

If you don’t want feedback, don’t ask! If you ask, be able to handle it- positively!

I know I am not the worse critic, however I don’t disguise the truth, and I’m not going to sugar coat it. I think people are better than that!

I have been thanked, heard excuses, and I have even heard, it’s not my fault!

Tells me a great deal about their ownership!

The problem with constructive criticism is you have just challenged them to get it right the next time.

You have brought to their attention, and you’re expecting it to change now.

Feedback is necessary; I once heard that complaints are blessings. Why? Because if you don’t know, you can’t change it.

How do we learn, change, and grow, without constructive criticism. Yes, it hurts, but we want to be successful, so getting feedback can be a good thing. I have recently been involved in a big event; there were a lot of good changes.

Venue, emcee’s, menu…some pretty big stuff.

They asked me to join them at a wrap up meeting. BIG MISTAKE! I had a list, two pages! It wasn’t meant to be “this is everything wrong” it was meant to be “we can be better”.

In my list I included the items that were awesome and I always leave it on a good note, of you did a really great job. You never want them to think you have lost confidence in them. It isn’t about being hurtful or just complaining, they need to be recognized for what was done very well, and what we can do to be better.

But be careful, the question asked to me at the end of the meeting was; would you chair this event next year! Eekkk!

No!! Don’t you get it isn’t about me it is about how WE can all do better.

Sister Mae I



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