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Professionalism and being friendly! Does size matter?

I was talking to a friend of mine in Scotland. She had just returned from a class on professionalism.

She works for a very small business, less than 10 people.

She pondered a great question by one of her colleagues:

“You should be friendly to the people you work with but NOT be friends. The relationship should be professional and nothing else EVER.”

It is a great question. We have all been subjected to those moments when we have felt excluded when co-workers develop friendships that make us uncomfortable.

However is there an argument for that being a crazy expectation when we work for very small organizations when creating a “family environment” really fosters friendships?

Let’s have your thoughts on this one!


The customer you don’t yet have might have been the best one you ever had!

Reminders that you never know who could be you be talking to.

Have any of these stories ever happened to you? A recent event made me think again about how people treat people!

  • Went to the hospital to visit a family member. Asked the nurse can you call the Doctor for me? The reply was “this is not my patient area” Is that patient care?
  • A Friend went for a job interview and was told “not hiring and if not buying” they needed to leave. Would you buy there?
  • A Friend went to drop of an application wearing capris and flip flops and was told that if you come dressed looking like that, you will not work here. Would you ever feel welcomed?
  • I will not hire you as I only recruit from friends and people I know. Why would you ever feel the inclination to buy there?
  • I see you are here with your friends and have been here for a while talking are you buying anything, if not, you need to leave. What kind of experience does this business give?
  • When sitting waiting to be served for food.  The server you speak to says you are not at ”their” table and walks away. Then you have to wait. Would you ever go back?
  • You go into a store and the assistants look at you and continue talking and after few moments come over and ask. “What do you want?” Is this great customer service?
  • That when a friend applied for a job they never heard anything back at all. What kind of service would you feel that business would give you as a customer?
  • You apply for a job and they say they will get back to you and never do. Where is the trust?
  • That when a friend was treated badly as an employee yet the business owner is all “nice” with the customer. Do they walk the talk?

When a business owner or manager or employee does not understand that relationships are built on reputations and they treat people like this, can they expect to be successful?

Seems that there are too many people in business whether owners, managers or support staff that simply do not “get it” They will never be the people that will truly be engaged in making a business thrive. We need and deserve much better and so does our economy!

We all need to remember that we rely on others and we never know that the person we just “blew of” might have the greatest influence on your business and life!



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