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A Spirit of excellence

the-spirit-of-excellenceListening to early morning Sunday TV I was idly flicking through the channels and came across Joel Osteen.

His message to his followers was have a “spirit of excellence” and not making do.

I found it to be compelling and my mind went out to the many occasions we meet with others in our daily family and work lives. Those occasions when we often simply “make do.”

His message was clear; you don’t have to be rich or fancy to have that “spirit.”

*      You don’t have too be the best to take care of things well.

*      You don’t need to be exceptional to be excellent.

*      Take care of yourself, be clean and spotless, your clothes your home.

*      Be first class in your own life, it tells people much about you.

*      Represent yourself well. Don’t be late, be punctual, and be respectful.

*      Always keep up excellent standards in all that you do.

*      Be an excellent worker, human being, and a person for others.

*      Stand out in the crowd; great lawns and gardens are part of who you are.

*      Don’t be sloppy in how you look and what you do.

*      Achieve a higher level of excellence through how we present ourselves.

*      Make sure you present yourself the way you are proud of.

Do the right things because they are the right things to do. Even when no one is watching.

Don’t let something small get in the way of something big coming along.

People watch you even when you do not see them.


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Caring does not mean having to take care.

Had a conversation with friends recently.

One of those great times we all have with a group of close friends.

Enjoying ourselves, having fun, telling each other fun stories that meander this way and that and then somehow and inevitably lands on a conversation about someone who we know who is having troubled times, someone who meant something to us in the past, perhaps a loved one, or someone who we had a close friendship with.

Then the reflections start. Moments of reflections all of us face. Our conversation becomes a little subdued.

We have all had them and what happens is we STOP doing what our instincts tell us to do. Another instinct kicks in, one that says protect yourself.

We really do care, there is little doubt, the strain on the faces show how much, we want to do something and yet….

Then we feel guilty!

Our mind plays games, we feel we are bad people and it never leaves us.

What if… and will we live to regret it one day when it is too late. Then we will feel awful.

The haunting is:

“I want to care, and I do care but I always end up taking care and I start resenting it.  It starts to make me a bad person and that’s not fair.

So now I have to protect myself from doing what I really feel.

We are not bad people because we think like this.

Where have all the values gone?

Idea adapted by HRMexplorer from where have all the flowers gone – words and music by Pete Seeger


I was mulling this thought over recently as I overheard a couple of friends talking about what was happening to them and their friends in the factory in which they worked, they were simply disillusioned, they had lost their jobs and their boss had gone on vacation!

I got to thinking that in a world where people need people more than at any time in history I started wondering how are we connecting, I mean really connecting with each other in the communities in which we live, play and work?


Seems like there is a problem going on when I see values floating by those that need to feel them!

Where have all the values gone, I mean would you really work for the CEOs who fly in on their Jets and then say, the factory’s got to go its costing us too much, but when quizzed they say their bonus is contractual.

Or would you rather work for the boss who goes undercover and cries with you and admits that they need to do more, and rallies everyone and proclaims together we will create something special. Together we will create the American Dream.

Where have all the Values gone seem like everyone picks them everyone, because it’s the right thing to say and do? And then chooses when and how to use them. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn? ……..

That the shadow they cast is not special when it changes from halo to horrible from magical to mean. And that the shadow they cast melts into meaninglessness when it flutters in the wind and disappears like sand in the wind.

Where have all the values gone and when did we stop asking others what is important to them and caring and supporting them when we know.

Values without meaning have no character at all. Values without consistency simply does not get it!

So lets create the values-revolution! The charter that we must all adhere to:

  1. Get connected and stay connected with those around you- it makes a difference

(Michael Stallard)

  1. Support each other in three ways
    1. Relationships with others (engagement care)
    2. Relationships with your family (family care)
    3. Relationship with yourself (self care)

It’s all about relationships it always was after all relationships without values is like afternoon tea without lemon!

And remember to treat others how they want to be treated and that character is built through reversing the golden rule, not treating people how you want to be treated


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