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My truck does more for me than HR!

That was the start of our conversation!

I asked.

“What’s the problem?” (The culture/psychology enquirer in me!)

He said.

“Well you want the good news and the bad news story about my truck?”

Sure I said (getting ready for something compelling!)

“The good news is that the battery I bought has fixed the non-starting problems.

The bad news is that the negative battery cable is busted! And the day was going so well.”

I asked.

“So what has that got to do with your thoughts of HR and what is more important? “

(Waiting for something profound like career versus an old truck????)

He said.

Since my truck does more for me than HR…This!!

“Do you know he said that my new theme song for work is – “Hotel California”… You can check out but you can never leave!”

“As usual my place of employment has made it a banner week for me…. Career wise this is my worst week ever.”

Why is that I asked. (stupidly)

“I just applied for a new job at work. All I have to do is get through the first hurdle which is Catbert… (He. from Evil HR Director fame…) Catbert

Well how many more degrees do I need??? I asked HR – HR said let me look at the job spec!!

“My boss thinks I am ideal…but what does he know? I need to go through some “HR assessment.”

So I asked.

“You don’t have a warm feeling about HR? “(Was that a too obvious question?)

He said.

“I’m not drinking cause of the dentist I’m drinking cause I dislike many things about today.”

“I mean lets face it! Today work gave me a perfect attendance award because I didn’t use any personal or sick time last year… Used all my vacation though…

The award consisted of a certificate that a third grader would think is cheap and a water bottle that is so poorly designed that I’m actually ashamed to have it… I guess they want me to keep drinking the Kool-aid.”

Inspired by Frosty



Seven Thoughts for 2012

It’s that time of year again. This year, let’s do something different. Let’s do something really meaningful!

Family – family comes first!

There are many things in our life that cannot be replaced; one is family, so take care of the ones you have.  They are the most precious things in your life! They can never be replaced.

Career – some take it serious, some just show up! Make the right choice!

Your career is your wellbeing, it is who you are.  Ask those who lose their job, ask them how they feel! You can climb the corporate ladder or stay in a dead end position.  Retire on the job or turn it into a dream opportunity.

You are the owner of your career, it is your decision to make the best or the worst of it.  So go on make your “day.” And do something that will change the rest of life.

Finances – Get it under control!

The economy is not looking very positive, but not as bad as the news portrays it to be (for most.)  So, don’t wait until you are in that dark hole before you start digging your way out.

Ask the question, is it a want or a need, can I live without it?  Start paying off old debt and quit trying to keep up with the Jones!

Volunteerism – good for the soul!

Everyone should take a turn at volunteerism.  It reminds us quickly how fortunate we are.  All businesses should have programs to encourage employees to work as volunteers.

It should be listed under:  personal development and employee benefits, because of the sense of pride and satisfaction they will earn.

It builds leadership for our younger generation, who in turn will be more apt to get involved in their communities and the work of non-profit agencies. Business also will benefit from the role in society, as will society. A win-win for everyone!

Contributions – hands are out!

It is time to choose from the many non-profit organizations that seek your money. Choose your donation percentage and fund your passion.

You cannot do it all!  Take a percentage of your income that will be donated, and stick to it.  If you cannot give money, give time! You will find it fun and rewarding and will make friends along the way.

Best Friends – are the best!

Best friends are what keep us going.  They are the ones we vent to, cry with and dream with. Conversations that are never repeated. They give us hugs when needed, they remind us tomorrow is a new day.

Best thoughts – Remember to check in on these thoughts every day!

Happy New Year! It is yours to achieve what you desire.

HRMexplorer and Sister Mae I

Career changes for 2012 “do I stay or do I go?”

As much as we hear about how bad the economy is, we know that there are companies hiring career jobs.  The question is what do we think of the job we currently have?

Are you in it for the long term and you should be asking yourself these questions.

1.     Do I have passion in my job?

2.     Are the goals I am given realistic? They did not ask me!

3.     Am I a helper monkey or part of the team?

4.     Years of no reviews, so, how am I exceeding expectations? Do they value me?

5.     Career Development?  Is it there? Do they care?

6.     Is my talent being used, or am I wasting away at no brainer stuff?

7.     Are our strategies and priorities’ in line with each other and what do they mean?

8.     Compensation “what is that?” When did I get my last increase?

9.     Team accountability. WHAT!  It is always someone else who shouts louder!

10.  Consistency or Chaos in the workplace. Structure or disorder? It never changes!

Sound familiar? Well maybe the job you have is not the job you want or is it the job you deserve?

It is that time of the year when you can ask yourself what do I want for 2012 and do I deserve more?

Contributions from HRMexplorer and Sister Mae I


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