Playground Negotiations


Recently I took a few vacation days to soak up the sun.  I was in my back garden.

We have several children in the neighborhood, I often enjoy listening to them, and it is amazing the conversations that you overhear from little kids!

So there I was just lying in my lawn chair soaking in the sun, thinking of nothing in particular and this is what I overheard! – A playground negotiation. From two seven year olds!

A tough little boyish boy and a girly girl, play together as they often do.  Usually it is water fights and practicing baseball.  But, today was different; each had a different agenda on their mind.

The little boy came up to the fence, and asked his neighborhood friend if she wanted to play.

She said “Yes”,

He said, “Let play war; I will go get my guns.”

She slowly said, “Wellllll, I want you to come over and have a tea party with me.”

It went very quiet for a moment, and then he said, “Ok. We will play war first, and then I will come over to the tea party.

She, with excitement in her voice said “that will be divine” (that made me smile).

Soon he came back with a gun and a sword; he was quick to say, “I couldn’t find my other gun, so you can use the sword.”

She hesitated, and then asked, “Why can’t I have the gun?  I would like to pick my weapon (another smile from me) “If you have a gun, you can shoot me; but I will have to chase you all over the back yard with the sword!”

As the little boy, thought about this, she quickly spoke up and said “Oh it’s OK; if you shoot me, we will get to my tea party sooner.”

As I listened, I thought, how young we start, I had just listened to two seven years negotiate what each wanted over guns, swords, and tea parties.

Some things never change! Life is one big negotiation. In business we are all too aware of what it takes to get things done. We just get more complicated!

Guest Blogger:  Sister Mae I



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