Pets can improve your health and make you a better person!

The Research!

It’s not a coincidence, according to psychologists, veterinarians, and researchers, who all concur! Pets can be good for our mental and physical health.

People with pets miss fewer days of work, and have better fitness levels.

Besides unconditional love, a pet reduces loneliness and depression. It is also proven that we become much calmer as well.

People with animals tend to relate to them and feel better. For some, it may be their only real friend or “relative”. A friendly welcome awaits them when they get home.

A pet is recommended for “homebound” people, as they can be low maintenance; give unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship. Additionally it gives the person a commitment to feed and care for the pet, improving their focus on the pet instead of their own problems. It is also good for their cardiovascular system, because it keeps them moving!

Pets, the Sense of Purpose!

A playful puppy, a cat or wise-mouthed parrot is no substitute for medication or talk therapy. However researchers say pets can ease the symptoms of mild to moderate depression in many people. Pets provide love, relieve loneliness, and give patients a sense of purpose. Studies have found pet owners to have less trouble sleeping and better overall health.

Pets are great confidantes they listen and never tell. Pets are great for your physical health; fish have been found to be very relaxing, reducing muscle tension and pulse rate, and of course cats love to cuddle.

Who else meets you at the door, wagging their tail and panting? Who sits in your lap while watching TV, not wanting for a thing, take naps with you and gives unconditional love? Dogs are always happy to see you!

Pets, the Power!  Summed up in two words, “Unconditional Love”

So when the traffic was unbearable; the workday was long, the kids are driving you nuts, and the boss was unreasonable. Remember and smile because:

When you arrive home and are welcomed by your dog wagging his tail, your cat ready to cuddle, or watch your fish swim around its bowl, your symptoms of depression & frustration will lift, you are in a warm place.

Source: WebMD- Guest Blogger: Doreen Lanc, owner of two Aussie Doodles – Sophie & Scottie Lanc, Good Citizenship Certified Therapy Dogs

If you can give a pet a good home and relationship, it could benefit you as well. Please consider adopting a pet from your local animal shelter. The American Humane Association emphasizes that the good that can come from pet therapy can be undone if the pets are not gentle and well trained.


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