The Seven Virtues of Performance Reviews

I recently wrote a blog about the “seven sins”, and was being asked so what’s the follow up? Here it is!

So when we get the reviews right what do we really get out if it?

I often hear this from managers that bemoan the fact that reviews take up so much of their time

To those guys.


I say if you don’t have time to manage your people, then DON’T BE A MANAGER!!!

So here are the Virtues:

  1. We will always know both what has to be achieved and what specific capabilities must be learned and maximized in order to achieve it.
  2. We will always know before sitting down with the person what they have achieved in terms of results, forecasts and learning’s.
  3. We will therefore devote any performance review meeting to the person’s development or rather more accurately improvement needs.


  • What was the “gap” between outcome and forecast?
  • Why was there a gap?
  • What could both parties have done differently?
  • What has to be done in future – who and when and how?
  • How can we ensure it happens?

4.  We will identify with individuals and teams what capabilities are necessary not only to do the job in hand but also improve it!

5.  We will make sure they actually know to both our satisfaction what the priorities are.

6. We will keep our “feet on the ground and our eyes on the hills” In other words our target setting will not be based on “same old same old – status quo” nor on  minimal improvement but actually on excellence. – How good could we really be?

7. We will regularly and openly confront omissions and weaknesses while at the same time recognize achievements and strengths wherever they are genuine!

So there you have it. That’s one way to improve your people who in turn will improve your business!

All of this can and must be turned into dollars for there is no doubt in addition to the person improving you will see bottom line results!



About HRMexplorer

Managing Director - Human Capital Europe and USA - My ability is to recognize ingrained assumptions and patterns of operation that aren’t productive, and offer practical, cost-effective and value-based solutions.

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  1. Great message: You have hit it right on the head, if you do not have time to manage your team, DON’T be a manager.
    The team leader must take the time to review, discuss, and to advise his/her individuals. Without management, the team will go off into many directions, and some may not be good ones.
    It is essential to keep the team within the values, mission, and targets of the business; the manager is the one who can make sure this happens. Improve People * Improve Business!

  2. Another great post, Peter. I wonder if these virtues were converted into a dollars/cents perspective if more employers would be better at doing these.

    • Yes I have done that. Part of the gap most organizations have is the inability to link the hard dollars to this “soft stuff” which is actually the hard stuff too- thanks for the comment!

  3. I like this take on how to get the most out of performance reviews! This is a great call to action.

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