Choosing that book to read is like being picked for that job! – “Remember me all of your life!”

I hear lots of talk from people about their brand, having value propositions in their resumes, having elevator speeches for the right moment and so on.

Hmm… Lots of words, people think they know what they mean but does their audience understand or hear the same message?

Now I know you have been there, we all have. Funny thing is it’s fundamental to our developing relationships.

I mean who are we? When all is said and done what are we selling? Many of us find it difficult speaking about ourselves at job interviews, “blowing our trumpet” is not so easy for some.

So you want to brand yourself or even reinvent yourself?  Especially if you are in the job market!

Do you know what you want or can do and even if you do ….can you really say it in as few a words as possible?

The fact is YOU should care, because it matters. You represent yourself; no one should be able to do it better. Or perhaps we do need help!

These are great questions not only for what you want to be known for but also for what you can do.

Lets look at how these organizations want to be remembered?

Does a Florist sell flowers or deliver memories?


Does a Realtor sell houses or create home ships?


Does a car dealer sell cars or do they provide that everlasting thought about that first car!!…  Stop it!


Lets get on with this blog…

Oh Yes that famous elevator speech!!  Huh, Not sure that many of us meet their next boss in the right elevator; too many of us go hide in any available corner and look down at our feet rather than at anyone else. You might sometimes get a mumbling  “gudmorninggg” … you know how it goes.

However you do need to know what you can do and tell your story, but its not War and Peace. Zzzzzzzzz   “ding” your potential boss just got off the elevator, or your email tome just got clicked into ‘trash”.

So it made me think how do we go about choosing that next book to read?

Like candidates looking for jobs, all lined up like at the library or bookstore, end on end. How do we choose? They all look the same!

Every book or applicant, yelling out pick me pick me!!!!! I am what you want to read. Honest I am exciting, and you will remember me all of your life, I will change your world! I will make a difference.

Some thoughts that can help:

  1. Know who you are and what you stand for.
  2. Make yourself readable, desirable.
  3. Know what you can do and back it up.
  4. Tell a story-your story and make it interesting

Get advice:

Know that you probably need help for that makeover – after all no book is ever published without being edited, just ask any author.

Go to someone who you trust and get them to help you with your story.

Then go to someone you don’t know as well and see what they think?

When you ask them will they say you are:

Exciting; Same old same old; or WOW I never knew that about you and I want to know more!!! Hey I need some help and I think that you…. Well you know the rest….

Remember that we build relationships for each other and not simply for “the me” in life!

Now where was that book that was recommended to me?

If you found this article interesting please comment.

Should some of you like fun and at the same time get help with “your story” drop me a line at my email address I am delighted to be working with my “good friend in twitter” Katherine Moody aka @justathought99: on this exciting project and we are looking for a few interested volunteers. We will have fun too!

Katherine has many talents and is a specialist in how to get into the hidden job market!

Watch out for more on this subject…. soon



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    Love your passion for YOU.
    At the end of the day, It is all about You.

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